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Thread: Starting empire

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    Starting empire

    I'm a 40k player and I'm thinking of getting into FB. I'm drawn to empire because I like the look of the army and I like the war machines. I have 3 40k armies: Dark Eldar, SM, and tyranids. I'm thinking of going a different way with fantasy and doing a shooty army. Will this work for Empire?

    Also, is the Battalion box set worth getting?

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    yes..and yes. Artillery is one of the empire's great strengths, and the shooty troops aren't bad, either. You'll want some melee, of course, since a pure gunline folds like a mob of fire warriors when assaulted, but empire gunlines are pretty damned effective. I'd recommend resisting the urge to go for all handgunners, though...there are other armies whose shooting outranges the handgun, and it'd be embarrasing to have them pepper you from outside your own take at least 1/3 as crossbowmen instead of handgunners. For the mounted shooters, the pistoliers are a little short on weight of fire, but very very hard for the enemy to chase down, while five outriders are as shooty as a regiment of handgunners, but are move-or-shoot, so either the guns or the horses won't do them much good once the dying starts!

    The box is an excellent starting point for a more generalist empire army, containing melee and shooty infantry (you simply can't do without at least some melee troops), and IIRC five pistoliers/outriders and a couple of knights...I wouldn't get it if you're determined to take nothing that lacks a gun, but if you use everything in the box except maybe the knights or the greatswords (can't remember, I know I got greatswords in the brigade box, can't remember if they're also in the battalion box), you'll come out ahead. What it doesn't have is warmachines, and those will be your bread and butter in a gunline...I'd take at least two cannon (one is as reliable as a single meltagun at close range, it's great....when it hits) and three mortars to start before taking helblasters or helstrom rockets. Handgunners do basically the same thing as the helblaster, and the rockets are...a bit orky in temperament. And always take one (naked, he's there to reroll dice, not for sexy overcosted wargear) engineer for every 2-3 pieces of artillery.
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