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    uses for jubal falk

    ...that's the command group for the nuln ironsides, as seen on warhammer forge...

    TBH, the ironsides themselves are kinda for a 95 point character to unlock them, then pay a 20% premium to give them a 5+ save? For the same 115 points (based on one unit of ten), I can get a generic engineer and six more handgunners...a much better deal! And they don't even get the accuracy bonus unless he's in the unit (so only one unit could get it)... I dunno, seems like a huge investment and not a lot of return. Especially since falk can't babysit a war machine, which is the proper role of an engineer, while he's playing sniper.

    The command models, though, are exceptional, and it would be a shame to see them go unused. I'm thinking that falk himself is great for a generic engineer...and the armor on the standard bearer and musician make them about right for a unit of greatswords...which is, um, great, if you don't want yours to look like everyone else's.

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    I ran a proxy of Jubal Flak the other day just to see if he was any use, and surprisingly he was.

    I put him in a unit of 20 handgunners in a building, placed an artillery piece beside it, and cast Enchanted Blades on them, so they were hitting on 3's and re-rolling 1's. The protection of the hard cover, added to the 5+ save of the Heavy armour meant they were nigh invulnerable. Jubal Flak put his mercurial round through the head of a Hero Wizard, with a little assistance of the Hammer of Sigmar spell from a Priest.

    I realise this was near-ideal circumstances for them, but they definitely performed.
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