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Thread: New to Empire!

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    New to Empire!

    Hi all!

    So I am going to collect The Empire and had a "proxy" game vs WoC with some Empire just to get a feel for them. Now I got whooped pretty soundly. I posted the video on youtube and was wondering if you had 10 min to spare me then write a response that would be great! I have reread the book and can't come up with an idea of what to take to combat that list.

    Here is the link: Warhammer Fantasy #2 Empire vs Warriors of Chaos.wmv - YouTube

    All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    Armies: 40k: Imperial Guard, Orks Fantasy: Skaven

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    Hey, welcome to empire, and all that jazz

    I just watched the video and it looks like your running a pretty combat oriented empire list.

    Now I'm pretty new to empire myself, so take what I say with a grain of salt, I will try to help as best I can

    I think if you are running a combat empire army, lore of life might be a better choice than shadow. Life can keep your model's nice and tough while at the same time, reviving what you have lost, this make's grinding combat's a lot simpler and more efficient for you.

    Detachment's aren't necessarily a bad thing, I have asked around and some say they are bad, while others swear by them. They could be helpful in this case, one flank charge can break steadfast and against ld7 marauder's which aren't too tough, this can be crucial.

    Oh and one more thing! Perhaps you should invest in a lucky rabbit's foot

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    Against warriors okkams mind razor. It will destroy them. My chaos army got its arse handed to it by a dark elf army that kept okkams on a unit of spearmen. Oh and black powder against warriors is lethal.

    Will try and watch the vid instead of just generic advice and will edit my post afterwards.


    Edit: watched some bits of the vid. The lores you took may have been an issue the lvl 1 is best dropped for a warrior priest. Up the main wizard to a higher level with life swap out a cannon for a mortar and you should win. They chaos list is far from optimised just concentrate on the flail units with mortars. Then charge the warriors with great swords that have a warrior priest you should munch the unit down at a decent rate make sure your lore of life spells go to buffing that unit. Hold up their other units with your swordsmen and use the pistoliers to take out his cav play them constantly moving and they won't get hit. Also ignore the war hounds as much as possible they are pretty useless.
    Last edited by Commisarlestat; December 9th, 2011 at 08:36.

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    While Okkham is indeed nice it was a bit pointless for Greatswords against Marauders, as those would've wounded on 2+ anyways, apart from that it seems to me basically two reasons for your loss:

    1st: bad luck with your dice rolls: failing several re-rollable leadership tests in a row, mortars scattering like hell and the greatswords also performing suboptimal (one wound where three would be the average)

    2nd: You went with Empire (at best average in close combat) against Chaos Warriors (about the best one can get for close combat) and your main approach seemed to be ... close combat

    So You didn't do that bad, only the odds were against You and your army. My previous posters here have already given some tips, so I can't quite add too much here (I also advise for detachments, at least a minimum size 'speed-bump' in front of your main unit(s) will at least buy you a half turn before your opponent will reach the main dish)
    Maybe the deployment of your war machines, as they stood there without any support. I often take a small detachment from one unit for exactly that purpose (at least some measly warhounds won't have it too easy when there are five swordsmen standing in the way)
    And seeing how your mortars scattered getting a master engineer might also be a good idea (and give him a repeater pistol for some stand-and-shoot, again against those warhounds)
    It ain't easy bein' green... :-)

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