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    Dave the Deserter:special character

    Dave the Deserter “The luckiest bastard, The most useless man in the Empire,”

    There is nothing special about Dave, in fact it is the consensus amongst his colleagues that he is most useless person to ever live. He was born in the less desirable quarter of Nuln. He never knew his mother or his father and frankly they were quite glad of it. When the state troop levy came around Dave saw it as chance to get some clean clothes, three square meals a day and a chance to maybe steal some boots. There was only one problem. Dave is a terminal coward. The night before every battle he runs away but because Dave is so thick that even an ogre could outsmart him he always somehow ends up going in a circle to find himself back on the battlefield. But the thing about Dave is that he is incredibly lucky.

    He never dies, even when the rest of the army is wiped out, he has a habit of surviving against incredible odds. At one battle when Dave got stuck facing down a giant single handily the giant tripped over its feet trying to stamp him and broke its neck. Another time a Bloodthrister had raised its Axe to cleave him in two when it got itself entangled in its whip and dropped its axe on its skull. When Gorgraff the Black Orc Warboss of the Smashy Smashy Bone clan tried to kill Dave he fell of his boar and was gored to death. Yet Dave still lives but with significantly browner trousers. It is because of his exploits that Dave is now seen as a lucky talisman by any army that he unwittingly finds himself with. The common soldiers talk of him as a legend anda common saying is “as long as Dave is still alive we might make it all out in one piece.”

    Dave is a Hero Choice
    M4, WS3 BS3 S3 T3 I3 A0 W2 LD1

    Special Rules
    poor bloody infantry Dave must be assigned to a state troop unit at the beginning of the game. He cannot leave the unit. The only time that he can is if the unit breaks and Dave is still locked in a challenge then he has no choice but to stay in place and cower in fear behind his shield

    Dave is Alright Dave cannot lead the unit he is placed in for he is after all the lowest of the low but if Dave is alive then the unit he is assigned to has leadership 10 and the Stubborn special rule.

    I don’t want to but your going to make me anyway Dave must always issue and accept all challenges, this is not because he particularly likes fighting them but is because trouble seeks him out. Also if a model can accept the challenge they must because no self respecting real soldier (even a goblin one) is going to look a fool declining a challenge from an unwashed, useless piece of turd such as Dave.

    You Lucky Bastard Dave cannot fight he never has been able to he just squats down and cowers behind his shield and squeals like a girl, but he has a tendency for arrows to whistle past his ear and his enemies have a tendency to kill themselves in freak and frankly miraculous accidents. To represent this Dave has a 2+ ward save. Any successful attacks in close combat that are saved by the ward save are automatically redirected back to the attacker at the same strength and with any magical item bonuses (ignore armour save etc.). While locked in a challenge Dave is unbreakable. This is not because he is especially brave but because he is rooted in terror to the spot.

    Edit: The idea for this guy is for a bit of fun. He is bascily a combat character negater since he can force your opponets dragon/wyvern/lord monster to attack him and he is really hard to kill using your opponents awesomeness against them.

    "my heart pump gangsta"

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    Looks pretty good to me! Although I reckon his stats should be lower, maybe WS1 (he doesn't fight anyway does he?) and maybe str2 as he's such a girl... What about some protection from magic? A 2+ Ward is all well and good........... if he gets it....

    Make sure he 'has' equipment too. You mentioned a shield........ so, does he have a shield or does he come equipped like the rest of his unit? Might not sound very important seeing as he has A0 but the additional armour can effect spells and he could still shoot if assigned to Crossbows/Handgunners etc...

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