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    Baruchel Hood, LO Special Character

    Final draft for entry. Any changes before tomorrow?

    Baruchel Hood

    120 Pts.
    -Baruchel Hood may be used by other members for the LO Competition-

    Baruchel was born a young noble in the house of Stirland, but at the age of thirteen he was found to be an illegitimate son to the Baron of Wurtbad. Thus, in place of an ostentatious lifestyle he was cast out to live among the impoverished rabble. Baruchel was a resilient child, using the training he had received to become a self-sufficient hunter. He came to feel at home in the forest and soon began to band together a cohort of young hunters. Though he is still loyal to the Empire, Baruchel and his men do not answer to any general; their price is a portion of the spoils of war to take home to the peasants of their homeland.

    Baruchel Hood is a Captain of the Empire with +1 BS. Your army may only include one Baruchel Hood model.

    Equipment: Longbow, Pair of Throwing Axes, Light Armour

    Special Rules:Master Hunter, Guerilla Warfare, Hood’s Huntsmen

    Master Hunter: Baruchel is the consummate marksman, able to deliver the death blow to any target with a single shot. He can release deadly accurate shots with incredible speed. Baruchel Hood’s ranged attacks have the Killing Blow special rule. In addition, when firing with his Longbow or Hunting Axes, he has the Multiple Shots (2) rule but does not suffer the -1 penalty for Multiple Shots. Alternatively, he may choose to fire a single shot with the Sniper special rule.
    Hood’s Huntsmen: Many expect Hood's cohorts to be a merry band, but for the most part they are brooding and silent hunters from the woods of Stirland. They are all deadly with a bow and are skilled trappers and woodsmen. An enemy chasing the Huntsmen's retreat into the woods is unlikely to return. If Baruchel Hood is included in the army, you may include one unit of Hood’s Huntsmen at 13 points per model. This is in addition to the one unit of Huntsmen normally allowed. Hood’s Huntsmen are Huntsmen with +1 Ballistic Skill and Longbows, and have the Forest Strider special rule. Their ranged attacks have the Killing Blow special rule.
    Guerilla Warfare: Baruchel and his Huntsmen are at home in the forests of the Old World and know how to turn the field of battle to their advantage. They can burst forth and strike suddenly at the foe's weakest point, only to disappear again in the blink of an eye. Their use of traps and diversion tactics makes them hard to follow and even harder to kill. Baruchel has the Forest Strider and Scout special rules. He may only join units with the Militia special rule. Units shooting at Baruchel or the unit he is with are at an additional -1 to Hit. In addition, he and his unit have the Feigned Flight special rule.

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    Give him Sniper, quickly, before it's too laaate...!

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    he does have sniper

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