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    Empire: rearline gaurds

    i've oft thought of ways to protect myself from fliers/fast calv/skirmishers/tunnelers/those with special deployments. they all can get at your rear lines, some quicker then others, but all will be a threat once there. they can chew through your artillery, your wizards, your missile units, then turn and maul the rear of your units. personaly this all sounds very concerning, yet i see many players recounting battles this happened and just excepting it. so bah! do you leave anything behind to ward off these fleet units, or do you see it as a waste to funnel pts into a duty that might not even come up? the following are several options that have presented themselves to me.

    infantry blocks.

    i-i) large (15-20ish) free company unit. saves pts, as oppossed to using state troops, fast units tend not to be strong units, the many attacks from the militia should hold off a unit of fell bats or what have you. also take no armour, make your opponent waste pts, they can neagte 20 armour for all i care, if you have none bass their just wasteing pts. and if they negate nothing, they can't be that powerful a unit.

    i-ii) large (15-20ish) spearman units. many prefer swords to spears, even as a defensive units. but as i've already stated, the fast calv and whatnot aren't that powerful, and WS and I 3 are fine, you don't need that extra point. you can also dish out more attacks (this is factoring in you won't take the same casualties you would aggainst a block of standard infantry).

    i-iii) greatswords. take a small unit, almost minimum size, and sit there. when something attack, shrug it off with your shiney armour then GW them to death. the stubborn rule also kicks in, if they do get out-matched, it likely won't be by such a great degree that it'll overcome stubborn.

    missile unit varients.

    ii-i) the broken line, take that unit of 20 handgunners. worried it won't fit, and you'll have to double rank? place 10 in a line, then take two 5 man detachments of handgunners, and place them at angles. when the unit is threatened, send forward a detachment, divert the attacker, 15 handgunners get another round of shooting, and if done right, the attacker may not even get another chance to attack. this also allows for a mix of handgunners and crossbows. take the parent handgunner, get a marksmen and your preffered toy, and crossbow detachments.

    ii-ii) amsuingly enough, archers. they likely won't be used for anything offensive as crossbows or handgunners, but their perferct for taking out those weak opponents. rank them up as you would a standard unit, you have to space them a bit, but otherwise there's no rule aggainst it. they can fire 360 degree, and over eachothers head. 16 man unit can pump out 16 shots into anything within their range. if i where facing that block myself, i wouldn't just throw my pistoliers into them. i wouldn't ignore them, but i would likely miss out on a turn that i could be blasting away at crew members or magic users. ALSO, you can put a wizard in there. he won't suffer any deductions for being completly surrounded, and can fire off his fire ball as if he where standing in the open.

    detachment options (obviously not an option to i-i).

    iii-i) suicide FC. 5 men, divert, charge for no other reason to hold up the unit, just be a general annoyence. they're 25pts, don't be afraid to waste them.

    iii-ii) archers, finaly a time to shine. their opponents are weak enough they can actaully damage a unit. they can marchblock and be as much a shield as FC. best of all their fast, they can dart around your rear lines attacking those dwarf miners, or dire wolves, or pegi-knights. where ever the unit sets down, they can shot them with that 360 degree fire arc. they can also make quick time from one flank to the other, whereas you'd likely need a FC gaurd detachment for each flank.

    well... i came up with several less then i thought i would. i vaguly remember a post similar to this i made several months ago. i think i'll dig it up and see if i can't add any more. as always, anyone feel free to critize mine, or add your own gaurd styles.

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    that's the thing about perfection, it can only get worse.

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