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    Options for those who detest handguns or play DoW...

    TRIAL RULES - Opponent's Approval Required

    A Marksman of a Crossbowmen unit may change his crossbow to
    either of the following:

    Heavy Repeater Crossbow

    "Though the Elves of Naggaroth have long mastered the manufacture
    and use of light repeating crossbows, some Tilean engineers
    sought to improve the concept and attempted to make a weapon
    to rival the Repeater Handgun. The result was a formidable weapon
    that could either act as a normal crossbow or send numerous
    bolts at a shorter range."

    Rules: St4, range 30", Move&Fire. If the target is within 24",
    can use Multiple Shots (x3)
    Cost: A Marksman may change his crossbow to a Heavy Repeater for

    Tilean Scope Bow

    "Angered at having been beaten in the range and accuracy department by Empire
    engineers sought to make a crossbow as accurate and far-reaching
    as the famed Hochland Long Rifle."

    Rules: St4, range 36", Move or Fire. May pick out characters from
    units (at -1 to hit) as if using a Hochland Long Rifle.
    May choose his target independently of his unit.
    Cost: A Marksman may change his crossbow to a Scope Bow for

    As you might notice, they are slightly worse for the cost than their handgun counterparts. Point is, if someone complains, just show them the official rules for Repeater Handguns and Long Rifles, and I'd guess they'd shut up ^_^

    Anyways, any who would think these might be of use (For DoW players most certainly yes, as they can't have Handgunners, but any Empire players who would use these things?)

    For Mods: As I don't wish to spam the forums with two clone posts, would it be possible to create a referrer copy on the DoW forum? (ie. move this to DoW, move it back here, but leaving a ghost on the DoW forum)

    For players who comment: Please point out which army you play (Empire/DoW)

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    Great idea, I play Empire and it would be great to be able to give a Marksman from a Crossbowman unit some cool gear.

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