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Thread: Cult of Ulric

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    Cult of Ulric

    I am thinking of starting a Cult of ulric army but i have a few questions. #1 should i go full on White wolves for core or should i include teutogen guard and warriors of ulric. I feel i should do this because the strength the white wolves pack(i need stregnth because i play against chaos alot). #2 should i bother to include spearmen and halberdiers as a special or go all out archers and huntsmen. and finally #3 should i bother to use a seneschal?

    Please ask if you want me to post my planned list

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    Seneschals are excellent, especially if doing a horde army (So that your main units are immune to Panic. Priests can be gotten as Champions of Ulric anyway).

    Spearmen and especially halberdiers are a bit of a waste. (Halberdiers 'cause they have St4 and cost 6pts, the light armour won't do them any good. for 5 points a pop you can get WS4 Warriors with Great Weapons. If you so much miss the light armour, you can easily give them that, too, and still benefit from the higher Strength. All in all, Halberdiers are a waste in CoU)

    Spearmen might have some uses, tho, but in general Warriors>State Troops.
    Use Light, Beasts, Metal instead of Heavens
    NecroLords: Use at least one Death Mage
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