New Invented Empire Character - Baron Boilcharm - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    New Invented Empire Character - Baron Boilcharm

    Baron Boilcharm-----------------------------------------------------150 Points

    M – 4
    WS – 6
    BS – 3
    S – 4
    T – 4
    W – 2
    A – 3/D6
    Ld – 8

    Boilcharm is a greedy, unfledged Baron, inheriting land in Middenzeim by the death of his father. He is foolish, leaving his life in the protection of just Full Plate armour.

    Equipment: Full Plate Armour, Sword of Righteous Steel, The Crimson Amulet.

    Mount: Boilcharm may be mounted on a Barded Warhorse for +14pts.

    Special Rules
    Born To Lead: Ever since childhood, Boilcharm knew he would one day be an awesome presence in an army, so it became his ambition.

    Boilcharm counts as a hero.

    Unpredictable Foe: When locked in battle, the Baron is totally unpredictable. He will use whatever means necessary to win.

    In the first round of all close combat the Baron may attack in, he uses his standard amount of attacks, which is 3. However, if the combat lasts for more than one turn for whatever reason, roll a D6 each Close Combat phase. The result is the amount of attacks he may use that round of close combat.

    Jinxed: Although the Baron has many a skill, he is still under a treacherous curse. This curse has jinxed him for as long as he can remember.

    Once per game, your opponent can request that Boilcharm, or the unit he is with, to re-roll a single D6.

    Recklessness: Patience has been said to be the key ability to many a warrior, but it is skill that gas eluded those who are hungry for honour and glory.

    At the start of each Empire turn, the Baron and the unit he is with must take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, Boilcharm and the unit he is with must move at full rate towards the nearest enemy, charging if possible.

    All comments, critique and suggestions welcome and appreciated. I want to know what YOU think.


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