While the Elector Count is not the most capable melee Lord in Fantasy, he can take on a number of roles. This thread is examining a number of roles that a EC can take and how to use them effectively. This is by no means comprehesive please feel free to add.

Leadership Tank
This is normally how I use my EC to confer his leadership to other units surronding him, I give him gear that allows him to tank opposing Lords, where he wins through combat resolution with the Griffon Standard. I used to put him on foot, but with the new rules mounted units in infantry cannot be picked out of a unit (as far as I know), so I switched up his gear a bit.

Elector Count
Barded Warhorse
Full Plate
Enchanted Shield
Holy Relic
[Sword of Power] I really like it, lets the EC inflict a wound or two consitently on enemy units. Not really needed for Defense, but without it he will definetly not do any damage to the opposing Lord. You could replace the Enchanted Shield, Full Plate, and Sword of Power, for Dawn Armor.

This gives the EC as 0+ save (or +1 rerollable with Dawn Armor), and a solid Ward save. This is about a tough as he is going to get, unless the opposing Lord can ignore armor it is unlikely he will get much damage through.

I don't use the Meteoric Iron Armor for him because I give it to the Battle Standard Bear.

I usually place him in a unit of Swordsman or Greatswords, and give that unit a Griffon Standard.

Striker-EC on a Griffon
I haven't tried this to much but it seems intresting, the EC hangs back with the Griffon behind your main line, giving LDR bonus. When you hit combat, the EC flies over the combat and gets behind the enemy unit, the following turn charging into combat. The EC on a Griffon is unit strength 5 so it will take away ranks, and also causes terror. Plus, if the enemy unit breaks beforehand they will hopefully run into and be destoryed by the Griffon in the rear.

Hope this helps.