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    I dont know what to do with what i have

    Okai...i have a bunch of Empire stuff, but i have no what to use to be effective in a 2000point game, nor do i know how to equip my heros...

    I got...

    Grand Master
    Mace of Helstrum and White Cloak, Lance, Shield...blah blah blah (maybe?:s)

    Warrior Priest

    Battle Standard Bearer

    19 Spearmen with shields

    23 Greatswords

    16 Hand Gunners with 1 Hochland Long Rifle

    12 Knightly Order

    11 White Wolf Knights

    1 Great Cannon

    1 Hellbaster Volley Gun

    28 Flagellants

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    Definitely an interesting assortment of figures. May I assume you inherited or purchased this army complete from another player?

    A Templar Grand Master lends itself to a predominately cavalry force, which will leave any non-cavalry at a disadvantage from a leadership perspective.

    White Wolves are grossly inefficient under the new rules (NEB - New Empire Book). WW Cavalry hammers count as Great Weapons now, thus only +1 Strength when mounted, no shields for WW unit, thus, not as strong on the charge and reduced armor save.

    Following is what I would try to make of it:
    Templar Grand Master - Laurels of Victory
    11 Knights, Inner Circle, full command (find a way to convert or agree with opponent that they are not White Wolves.

    Warrior Priest
    Battle Standard Bearer
    23 Greatswords, split Spearmen into 2 Detachments. (detachment tactica is also leaning towards 9 models in a 3x3 formation instead of the traditional 5x2 or 6x2 formations) a reduced frontage limits your opponent's charge capabilities vs. the detachments and keeps your battle line tighter.

    Split Flagellants into 2 units of 14 (one as Rare, one as Core because of WP)

    Split Knightly orders into 2 units of 6 with Musician to support Templar Grand Master

    Split Handgunners to 2 units of 8 to protect either your flanks, or to protect your Cannon/Helblaster (single unit of 16 will be difficult to deploy with its wide frontage, unless you get enough of a hill to put them in two ranks. Two units will be better because it allows you to pick different targets if you wish.)

    Possible Deployment:
    [8 handgunners][great cannon][helblaster][8 handgunners][14 flagellents][23 great swords w/spear detachments][14 flagellents][6 knights][11 knights][6 knights]

    If you have a hill, then the shooting units can be on the hill with the solid infantry core in front. The Cavalry will use their movement to rush a particular flank and pressure the opponent. The center infantry core will advance on the enemy while the shooty portion will soften the enemy from the hill or protect the flank... from the flank.

    I'll let you figure the points. Obviously I didn't get into magical items at all.

    Depending on your matchups, you should plan on a Wizard or two (which will effect your Hero count) for magic defense.

    Good luck,
    [COLOR=DarkRedI got my tournament t-shirts at mathhammer.net[/COLOR]

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