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    Priest can't cast

    I have played a few games now and I realized the priest alone can't "cast" any of his prayers. Every army, even without any casters, gets 2 dispel dice. When my priest tried to use his spell the other player dispels it practically automatically! The only way he can fail to dispel them is by rolling 2 or a 3 on TWO dice. An event which is rare and so far has never occurred when trying to dispel my priests' attempts to use prayers.
    My solution was to bring a wizard which could cast a spell (or two) first, drawing out the dispel dice. That worked "OK", because twice in a row the spells were cast with irresistable force so my opponent couldn't dispel them!! :cry: :w00t: I was glad to have the irresistable force, but really, my ONLY purpose of bringing the darn wizard was to draw out dispel dice so my priest could make my huge block of swordsmen unbreakable! Sheesh! Finally in turn 3 the wizard did NOT cast with irresistable force, he drew out the dispel dice, and my priest got his prayer off just fine...(wow, what a lot of effort to get ONE PRAYER OFF!!)

    Requiring me to buy a wizard, makes the priest unbelievable expensive (which he already is for a hero). Does anyone have a better idea?

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    Even though a wizard ain't a too bad choice anyways (he brings an additional dispel dice and can carry dispel scrolls into battle and other fancy stuff) and empire characters aren't too expensive either (so it won't hurt too much fielding one)
    But some solutions:
    If you really wanna go without spellcasters, take some equipment like the Doomfire Ring. With that and a Warrior Priest the enemy has to decide to either dispel the bound spell or the prayer (or trying to dispel both with greater risk of failing maybe even both)

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    If you really wanna go without spellcasters, take some equipment like the Doomfire Ring.
    Orkbert hit the nail on the head, if you want to draw out dispell dice) especially in small battles when they only have two) then bound spells are your friend.

    Particularly because most people wont know just what a priests prayers can do, so they almost always go to dispell that pesky magic missile or minor augmentation instead,

    Their mistake,

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