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    Another Newbie for The Emperor

    Hello brothers and sisters of the Emperor. I am normally a Warhammer 40k player, but as of late I've been cruising around and looking at Warhammer Fantasy. I've played the trial game that the store offered, and I am rather interested. As I looked through all the armies available, I found that the Empire offered me the most appeal.

    I'm a complete newbie to the game however, so I've no real concept of the rules, as well as the Empire itself as an army. This is where my appeal to you all come in, and I wanted to ask how would an army based around a Warrior Priest, flagellants and swordsmen sound?

    I really like the Warrior Priest and the Flagellants, but I find the swordsman don't look very... Manly? I was wondering if there were any sort of other miniature that would make an accetable proxy, yet still look the part of a man at arms.I'm willing to do moderate conversions if necessary for more armored men. I'm very much a sucker for masses of the basic, overwhelming numbers of men, like the Imperial Guard, yet also like the occasional super leader somewhere in the bunch.

    Either way, I wanted to build an army that focused on being on the offensive in melee combat, so I was hoping for help in that department, what would I be looking to buy? How many? How would such an army work? Oh, and I'm trying to go for a small detatchment, so maybe 500 pts or so? I plan on going bigger, but for now just that much. I plan on buying the rulebook and the Empire book as well this weekend.

    PS: I'm a newbie here too, so tell me if you need more information that I neglected to post up here.

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    I have NO idea why nobody has replied to you yet, unless they assume you are to read the stickies. But hey,

    welcome to WHFB, and let me tell you that it is a great alternative to 40K!

    Saying that you want to go CC with empire is sort of an odd decision. It's really cool, but Empire is more of a defensive theme. They can tote the best shooting available and their deatchment and spearmen tactics are devastating against the charge. A good alternative to a CC army would be to go with chaos or bretonian. If you still want to use Empire for CC, go ahead, here's what I'd do.

    Get yourself some knights, depending on how many points you want, I grab 2 units, and make one of them white-wolf. These guys are brutal in CC, and are the fastest CC troops in the army.
    The second pick-up is your core troops. You can do this two different ways. You can get yourself some Free Company, or you can grab spears:
    Spears are worthless in the first round of a charge, because they can't use their spears to fight in an extra rank until they are stationary. Their biggest bonus is that you can give them detatchments to negate rank bonuses and hopefully scare your enemy off when you hit him. The other things you could do is give them rifle detachments and move towards the foe, safe with your spears, and then park it just infront of them and shoot like mad. Making an 'offensive defense'
    For CC, free co. are better because they are cheaper, you get more of them, and each model gets two attacks in CC. The trouble is, they can't have detachments, and their armor is just a hare shy of their stave-toting counterparts.

    This would be the bulk of your army, you can fill it out with either Pistoliers or the other fast cav unit (can't remember their name now{goofy} ) But that is for later, and you should try to avoid making them a burden. Remember that if you want 'fire-support' you don't want rifles because they are too short-ranged and are also move-or-fire. Longbowmen are a much better choice. They are a great deal cheaper too. Cannons and mortars are also of great use, and no empire army is complete without them.
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    Howdy - I agree with most of what was said above. I still use the swordsmen, because humans are so frail. Empire is by and large a defensive army though. You could make swordsmen out of the brettonian men at arms which would be a lot less work than the militia (experience speaking here:yes: ) Do you have any friends that play empire? Empire army can have lots of themes, shooting, magic, warpriest/archlector magic, knights, or a combination of all and more. Other than the knights and Archlector on Waralter, there aren't that many aggressive units though.

    Chaos armies are all about aggression, Bretts and some Elf armies will be up in your face quick. Undead will try to get you into combat, but are fairly slow (except a chariot TK army)

    Lizardmen are aggressive too and can move fast. Just depends on what's important, you can mix and match playing styles with what looks cool in nearly every army, if you're starting out, you may not win much but as long as you're having fun - who cares. Make some friends and figure out how to play - that's what I tell most of our new guys.

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