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    New to warhammer, Marienburg Army

    New to warhammer here, using the 7th edition starter set.

    I've decided I want to run a marienburg army, but before I had thought I'd try middenheim. This brings me to my first problem, some of my troops are already painted half blue, should I just paint over the blue with a yellow/red scheme to match the marienburgers or something else? Also, I've had to move around a bit before this so my troops are missing some things, namely two spears for the spearmen, and a musician /standard bearer drums and flag. I turned the spare parts into two heroes though. Is it possible for me to get a command from the new models or something? is a command really needed if I have just a sergeant?

    Anyways, I am really looking forward to making my marienburgers, I've given them a cool clay-color for their wood, so it looks nice, almost like it's painted... well it IS painted, but I meant painted wood, for the spears I'm going to give the tassels various colors to make it appear more flamboyant. feathers on the hats are white and may be given a colored tip

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    that depends on how important the theme or paintjob is to you. I bet most of the people I play (including myself) are proxying models and most them are only base-painted or half painted. So having an army painted in one color scheme is not important to me. Plus, I like for my army to be versitile so I can play empire or dogs of war or mordheim all with the same models.

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    marienburg is sure to include a lot of mercenaries, so you could go all out and give each unit a different coloour scheme, with a distinctive banner to unify the army.

    More ideas to "tie" the unit in with your army:

    -giving every unit the same, distinct, sort of base (a snow or fall themed base!)
    -giving every man in the unit different colours but 1 color must always be present (for instance red)
    -for centuries (still is) the dutch (marienburg is holland-based) color was orange

    if you want some cool looking marienburg troops or HQ, check the mordheim range!
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