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    Empire heroes question

    Does anyone think that a little over 700 pts. on lords and heroes in a 2k pt. game is a little much, I have:

    Arch Lector w/ heavy armor, shield, war altar, mace of helsturm, and doomfire ring.
    Captain w/ full-plate armor, pistol, lance, pegasus, and aldred's casket of sorcery.
    Battle wizard w/ level 2 upgrade, and 2 dispel scrolls.
    Warrior priest w/ great weapon, heavy armor, and ring of volans.

    I think that around 720 pts. or so, is that too much for 2k pts.?

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    why, did someone tell you that was too much? The reason it seems high, is that
    1. you're playing 2k and not the standard 2250
    2. you have some extra "beefing up" on your fighty characters (ie. pegasus, war alter)

    usually I don't think a character is worth any points unless he brings something to the game that I can't get in 150pts of troops. For example, the wizards have to have either scrolls or some sort of offensive magic item to help make the magic worth it. You're playing a war priest army which gives hatred to the units they are with. Your capt needs the peg so he can go and steal spells from turn 1-2 with the casket. You can justify spending the points on any character - you ought to consider posting your full army (it may be in the army section, I haven't checked)
    I don't know if I agree with your use of the AL/war alter set up, but that's your choice. I also think the lvl2 on the wizard might be wasted points, but again, that's my opinion maybe you're trying to draw out dispel dice. I don't think you would get more than 1 spell off with only 4 power dice anyway.

    In other words, yeah, their 40% of your army, but hopefully they all serve a purpose in your game plan.

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    While 700pts worth of characters is more than I use, it really comes down to your personal style of play. If you feel that the rest of your army is enough to handle the slack left by your characters, then 700pts is fine.

    Keep in mind that battles are rarely won by your characters. As buckero0 pointed out, characters should mostly be used in support of your troops, or to perform roles that your troops normally couldn't. In other words, your characters should support your army, not the other way around.

    If you can, post your full army list. Seeing your character roster in the context of the full army will help get you a more solid answer as to whether they are a worthy investment.

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