Apologies if this would be better served in a different board..

I was reading the Black Library book 'Life of Sigmar' last night and it got me thinking, has anyone ever collected a 'historic' empire army, ie. before the Empire in the time of sigmar?

I think it would be pretty cool to do, you would have to convert Chaos Marauders and Kislevites to get the right look, and make a whole new set of rules- the Orcs and Dwarfs would be the same as they are now (minus black powder weapons) and youd have to make a special character for sigmar. You could then run a narrative campaign based around sigmars exploits- Killing the giant boar, rescuing the dwarf king etc, the warhammer historical book 'Age of Arthur' has some good special rules that could easily be transfered over to give the games the right heroic flavour too..

I think this will go on my to-do list along with my araby themed DoW army- hmmm, im just wondering is it just me who thinks this would be fun?