Hey all. I am currently building up an empire army, however i managed to forget my rulebook and leave it at uni and for the time being have no access to another. At the moment i am converting a captain on foot and am keen on showing him armed with a pistol. However in game terms it is likely that i will want him to also have a magic weapon. I would assume this is possible normally, however the pistol is listed with the mundane combat weapons which i know cannot be taken with magic weapons. So yay or nay?

As a completely different question i noticed in the recent white dwarf battle report
(WD331, empire vs beastmen) that a level 4 wizard was given both a rod of power and a luckstone. I didnt think that two magic items from one catagory (in this case arcane) could be given to a model. Does the luckstone act as a power stone for choosing wargear? If so then i might pull that little combo myself. Anyway,thanks