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    What is Fantasy Votewar: Intro, FAQs, Rules, and Contacts

    I. Introduction and FAQs

    What exactly is Votewar?

    VoteWar is a tournament style setting for people to test their lists. Each contestant is paired up randomly with an opponent to partake in a "virtual battle." People then vote on which list is most likely to win the battle. In some cases there may be special scenario rules which must be taken into account as well. After a designated amount of time the round ends and the winners move on until there a single winner. This forum focuses specifically on Fantasy Votewar.

    Why do people participlate?

    Well there are various reasons as to why people enter Votewars. One is that you can see how a list will hold up in theory against various other armies and list styles. This exposure to other armies may not be available to you at your local store or gaming club. Also, its a lot of fun to watch your list smash others to pieces.

    Votewar sounds great! But how can I enter?

    The first thing you need to do is find out if there is currently registration going on for a Votewar. Registration notices for Votewars that are starting up can be found in 1 of 2 places. A notice of signups can be found stickied in the "FB Armies" sub-forum. The registration thread will always be stickied in the Fantasy Votewar forum. If there are not currently signups going on for a Votewar, you can check to see when the next Votewar will be by checking out the "Future Votewars" section of this thread, or by PMing me. I'll be happy to help you out with any questions you may have.

    Aww, there's already a Votewar underway. Can I still get involved?

    Yes! Anyone is free to look over the threads and cast their vote as they see fit. You don't need to have a list in the tournament in order to cast a vote. However, all votes must still follow the voting guidelines discussed in the "Rules" section of this thread.

    What are the different types of Fantasy Votewar?

    Currently there are two different "types" of FB Votewar: the Mk. series and the Mini series.

    The Mk. series is our tournament style Votewar. Mk. Votewars are 2000 - 3000 point tournaments in a double elimination format. There is no cap on how many participants can enter, so expect your list to be thoroughly tested if its going to take home the gold.

    The Mini series is what our other Votewars fall into. These Votewars are of varying point levels and have may follow different rules sets. Things such as team-based Votewars and Border-Patrol matches would fall into this catogory. Usually a smaller number of participants will be fielded in these Votewars, and they will also usually be shorter in length than the Mk. series Votewars.

    Wow! I have a great idea for a Votewar! How do I let people know about it?

    Thats great to hear! If you have an idea that you would like to share with the Votewar Community, then you should definately visit the (Fantasy Votewar Suggestions Thread)Fantasy Votewar Suggestions Thread and let us know about it!

    What if I'm interested in helping out with the Administrative side of Votewar?

    If you're looking to help run a Votewar, of have an idea for a Votewar that you would like to run, then be sure to let me know about it in a PM. The Mk. Votewar series is pretty ridgid in how it is setup, and at the moment that is not likely to change. However, if your interested in running a Votewar Mini and the Votewar Community likes your ideas, then send me a PM and we'll talk about getting it setup.

    II. Fantasy Votewar Rules

    These rules will apply to all Mk. Series Fantasy Votewars. All Mk. Series Fantasy Votewars have a 2000 points cap on Army List size. Exceeding this limit is not allowed. All Mk. Series Fantasy Votewars are double elimination style tournaments.

    Army List Formats:

    First off all, all army lists must follow the (Army List Posting Rules *READ ME ALSO, I'M IMPORTANT*)Army List Posting Rules contained in this link.

    To keep things neat and easy to read for myself and other staff members going through lists, I'm asking that people please submit army lists in this format:

    Army Name

    Lord (if applicable)





    Total Points
    Power Dice (+ Power Stones)
    Incantation Dice (if a Tomb Kings player)
    Dispel Dice (+ Dispel Scrolls)

    Magic Weapon/Item Discription


    Chariots of Fire: Causes D6+1 Impact hits on the charge. These count as both magical and flaming attacks.

    Special Army Information


    REMINDER: Generals, BSBs, and Hierophants (Tomb Kings only) should be clearly marked! Also the level of the Wizard (1, 2, 3, 4) should be clearly marked as well!

    Round Information and Voting Rules

    All times are Eastern Daylight Time. This may not be your local time.
    -Rounds will start at Midnight on the date listed and run for 3 days.
    -If a Round is tied after 3 days, an extra day will be given to break the tie.
    -If a Round is still tied after 4 days, a Powervote will be taken into account to break the tie.

    Voting Rules:

    Yes! Anyone is free to look over the threads and cast their vote as they see fit. You don't need to have a list in the tournament in order to cast a vote. There are 3 universal rules for casting a vote:

    1. The list you vote for must be in bold. This makes it easy for us to tally the votes at the end.

    2. You must give a reason as to why you voted how you did. The whole idea is to garner feedback on the lists, so a vote without feedback serves no purpose. Also, stating "I agree with so and so" is not a valid reason. Even if you are simply repeating someone else, sometimes stating something in your own words gives better perspective than just a blanket "I agree" statement. Any votes that do not list a reason as to why thy voted how they did will be discounted.

    3. You cannot vote for your list. You can argue for it and defend it, but you cannot vote for it.

    Things that will vary from round to round

    -First turn. Will be rolled for before each match.

    NOTE: All Bretonnian players must tell me via PM before the match begins if they DO NOT want to pray. Otherwise I will assume ALL Bretonnian armies will ALWAYS pray, thus going 2nd.

    -A map will be randomly selected for each match. The player listed first, will deploy in the TOP deployment zone. The player listed 2nd will deploy in the BOTTOM deployment zone.

    NOTE: Wood Elf generals need to specify where they will place their extra forest each round.

    -Players must PM me which lores each mage will be using before each fight along with the order they want each spell to be chosen in. Spells will be rolled for before each match.


    Mage 1 (lvl 3) - Lore of Fire; Order = Spell #5,1,3,4,6,2
    D6 rolls = 3,5,6
    Spells chosen would be 5, 1, and 3. (6 is defaulted out for 1 since 1 was higher on the list given by the player)

    III. Votewar Champions

    These are the people and their lists who have won previous Fantasy Votewars.

    Fantasy Votewar Mk. Series

    Fantasy Votewar Mk. I (3000 points)
    TheWamp with the list (WHFB: Rangar's Berserk Horde vs. King Mentuhotep's Guard)King Mentuhotep's Guard (Tomb Kings)

    Fantasy Votewar Mk. II (2000 points)
    Stonehambey with the list (FBVW MkII Finals: Match 29: Warlord Shagrats Vermin Horde vs. Chaos Army O' DOOM!!!)The Chaos Army O' DOOM!!! (Hordes of Chaos)

    Fantasy Votewar Mk. III (2000 points)
    Cyric the Mad with the list (FBVW MkIII Finals: Match 49 - The Throng of Kazzad Dolvir v. Thalsorien's T. Throng)Thalsorien's Thundersome Throng (Empire)

    Fantasy Votewar Mini Series

    Fantasy Votewar Mini I (1000 points)
    gingerninja with his list (Votewar mini 2 Final Rotting fist of Fury vs)The Rotting Fists of Fury (Vampire Counts)

    Fantasy Votewar Mini II (500 points per person/2 people per team)
    Demandred and Tossy with their list (Border Patrol Teams Final!)Lord Hyppee Lefleur's Tree Hugging Knights

    IV. Future Fantasy Votewars

    Here are some of the Votewars that are either currently going on or coming in the short future:

    -FB Votewar Mk. IV. January/February 2008.

    V. Fantasy Votewar Staff

    If you ever have any questions about Fantasy Votewar in general or how you can get involved, feel free to contact anyone listed here:

    Spector- Me! Current head of the Fantasy Votewar department here on LO.

    gingerninja - Expert list maker and tactician. He's currently in charge of making sure all lists are legal before they get entered into Votewar. Also our resident SEED list writer.

    Cyric the Mad - Our resident mapmaker and sig-maker.

    DavidVC04 - Resident Supervisor. Helped me get the ball started on getting Fantasy Votewar back up and running.

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