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    108 (x4)

    Avatar's Arena #2

    In the burial pit for the defeated competitors from the arena, bone twitched beneath the prescence of the great magical being. Spells of binding were wrought as the bone flowed into wholeness, until Psa-Trel stood once more in front of the vampire, resplendent in his golden armour. “You have gained great power since last we fought,” wheezed the long dead king, “But I felt death. You are not powerful enough to recreate my curse.”

    Lacrimosa smiled cruelly “I understand your predicament more than any other being. You will be returned to mortality, but I require your influence. You have a ship to captain, and a dynasty to lead. You will help me find the right contestants for my new arena.

    Now Aspestra and Psa-Trel were travelling the land, putting her final preparations into place for her arena. She longed for greater power even than she had already gained. Power unheard of outside of legend. Once more the champions would come, brimming with life energy, and she would feed again.

    *I am after 16 characters. This will be first-come first-served. If spots are reserved for too long, they are lost.
    *Every character must be fully legal, and costing no more than 250pts. This is absolute. I will not be accepting any characters that are 251pts.
    *Characters are to have a background and description. If not, they will be fair game for me. Include a fighting style if you want, but this point is all optional. I decide why your characters are there, although posting a personality may influence this decision.
    *Please read through all these rules. I know they're dry and boring, but I've modified a few to suit my tastes, I mean, to bring them more up-to-date.

    To enter
    Registration couldn't be easier. Simply post here with your character's name, background and fluff, and- of course- what the character actually has.

    Banned/Modified Items
    Monstrous Mounts
    Tress of Isolde
    Sword of Fate
    Van Horstmann's Speculum
    The Daemon Sword
    The Fellblade
    The Bane Head
    The Grudge Rune
    The Talisman of Saphery
    The Ring of Corin
    Virtue of Confidence
    Annoyance of Netlings
    Palanquin mount (for DoC)

    Also, any item which I have missed here that includes in its rules "nominate one enemy character" is illegal.

    Gaze of the Gods
    - same points cost, before the battle roll a D6 - 1 = you get a 6+ ward, 2-3 = you get a 5+ ward, 4-6 = you get a 4+ ward. Such is the fickle nature of chaos.
    Warpstone amulet - same points cost, but roll to see if you die BEFORE the fight instead of afterwards.
    Talisman of Loec - may not be taken in conjunction with anything that confers Killing Blow to the bearer.
    Pendant of Khaeleth - Grants a ward save proportional to the armour save modifier of the opponent’s Strength score (i.e. 6+ ward against S4 hits, 5+ against S5, 4+ against S6, 3+ against S7…). A 1 always fails.
    The Morning Star of Fricasse - Cannot be taken with the Gromril Great Helm. OK, it can, but don't expect your character to get a nice writeup. The same applies to any Dwarfs who aspire to take the MRoBreaking. No obscene armour saves to go with it.

    * Tomb Kings: Tomb Kings and Princes get 25pts extra – they may not exceed their magic item limit.
    * Vampires get 35pts extra – they may not exceed their magic item limit.
    * Skaven Warlords may go up to 20pts over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250pts in total. The Appendix Plague Lord is no longer permitted: the Plague Lord from the Lustria book replaces him.
    * Empire Generals (not Grand Masters) and Arch Lectors who do not take a Runefang may go up to 20pts over the magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250pts in total.
    * Wood Elf characters (not dryads) get 20pts extra – they may not exceed their magic item limit.
    * Dark Elf Assassins are counted as Hero choices for all intents and purposes.
    * Chaos characters can take the marks of Tzeentch and Slaanesh for free.
    * Bretonnians must pray to gain the Blessing, allowing their opponent to charge them and gain all the benefits thereof in the first round of each combat. A Bretonnian player who does not wish to pray should specify this before the match is rolled.
    * Goblin, Night Goblin, and Skink characters may also receive a 20pt bonus to their magic item limit. Just to be nice to the little guys.
    * Hero-level characters get an extra 50pts added to their magic item allowance.

    How I will establish the winner of every fight
    If you have never fought in one of these, the point is to pit two characters against one another, one on one. In all essence it is a challenge as in a normal game but with a few differences. Namely, they’re trapped in an arena with the only way out is to kill or be killed.

    I will roll a match up between two characters until one perishes. The one who remains standing will be the victor and progress to the next round; all wounds etc will be completely healed. It is as though the fight never took place!

    - First round of combat

    In the first round of combat, both warriors count as charging for the purposes of lances and other special rules. If neither warrior has a 'strike first' ability (or a 'strike last' ability), the person with the highest Initiative will strike first. If both warriors are equally entitled to strike first (usually because they have equal initiative), striking order will be determined randomly. In essence, we will follow the rules as outlined by GW for ASF, great weapons, and the like.

    - Later rounds
    In later rounds of combat, neither warrior gets charging bonuses (pretty obvious ). Strike order will be determined using the same system as in the first round of combat - however, in cases of equal initiative; the die to determine strike order is not rolled. Instead, the person who struck first last time will strike first, combat alternating between each warrior.

    Additional Rules
    - Break tests

    Break tests are ignored in the Arena (where are they going to run in a ring of death?). Other psychology that may force an opponent to flee from combat is also ignored. THERE IS NO WAY TO FLEE IN AN AOD. For this reason, panic, unbreakable and stubborn also have no effect.

    In addition, undead warriors ignore the rule that causes them to take wounds from combat resolution. In a similar manner, daemonic characters do not suffer from instability.

    - Fear
    Fear is handled similarly to normal. In the first round of combat, a warrior facing a fearsome foe will take a Ld test. If he fails, he will hit on 6+ for that round of combat. After that, fear has no effect.

    Hatred Hatred is also handled as normal. The warrior will re-roll failed 'to hit' rolls against hated foes in the first round, unless a specific army book overrules this.

    - Stupidity
    Since stupidity is ignored in combat, it only effects the first turn when the model suffering stupidity is attempting to charge. He or she will take a stupidity test as normal; if failed; the model strikes last, no matter what. I.e., no ASF for failed test.

    - Frenzy While there's nowhere to run, you can still have the frenzy knocked out of you; therefore, models do lose frenzy as normal. Not that outnumber does not count for CRes here.

    Killing Blow KB will be worked out slightly differently. The D2+N rule will be used. This means the KBed character will suffer D2+(Starting Wounds-2). This gives a 50 chance of killing outright. Armour and Regeneration is still ignored.

    Magic- there is no magic. this is final.
    50-50 calls- I claim power in any dispute, and will be as fair and unbiased as possible. This is why I will not be taking part in this AoD (unless I really want to).
    Challenges- You can now challenge for the nth time in an LO AoD. To make a challenge, simply post something along the lines of 'I challenge...', making it very clear who you are and who you challenge. Frequently, people will add some fluff to their challenge, giving their reasons for fighting (and naturally, some goading insults). This is encouraged, but ensure that at the bottom of your post you say the word "I challenge...”

    The character must then respond. An accepted challenge will result in the two of you being paired against each other in the next round of combat. A declined challenge will ensure that you will not be paired together (unless you must be, due to lack of other players). An unanswered challenge will be treated as if the challenge never happened (though sometimes an unanswered challenge will be treated as an acceptance). Aside from the pairings in the next round, an accepted / refused challenge has no additional effect.
    Time- I will endeavour to get fights up as fast as I can.
    Characters- I don’t have the army books or rulebook, so with your character post a synopsis of what he does, his abilities etc. (yes, I do know enough to roll the matches.)
    Questions- Despite the length of this post, I will most likely have missed something, so ask any questions you have.

    Get submitting everyone, good luck, and may the best character win!

    This will be a prize arena, and will not go as fast as my previous arena. (this does not mean slow though.)

    Question one:
    No, storm of chaos is not allowed. Ask me if you're not sure about your character.

    if you feel your character needs a little help to win, i recommend

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    Avatar's Arena #3 let the games begin!
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    451 (x8)


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    172 (x7)

    Ok, decided to change my entry to a different character.

    Tzotzomatzin: Saurus Oldblood
    Light Armor & Shield- +2 to armor, for a total of 3+
    Aura of Quetzl- 4+ ward save against strength 5 or higher
    Blade of Revered Tzunki- +1 strength, attacks don't allow armor saves

    Points= 246

    Tzotzomatzin comes from deep within the jungles of Lustria. He is a massive beast of war that has been blessed by the Old One Tzunki, from his spawning to the weapons he wields. No one is quite sure how long Tzotzomatzin has been prowling his homeland keeping the relics of the Old Ones safe, but he has been quite effective.

    He has mottled blue and green scales, and webbing between the talons of his hands and feet. If you look closely gills can be seen on the sides of his neck. He wields a massive sword carved from tempered obsidian as his weapon of choice, and his only thought to defense beyond his natural scales is a gold gilded shield adorned with the fangs of a cold one.

    Having survived one Arena, he has been sent to enter this contest of champions, for it is the mysterious will of the Mage-Priests that drives this hulking warrior.


    WS- 6
    BS- 0
    S- 5(6)
    T- 5
    W- 3
    I- 3
    A- 5
    Ld- 8

    Special Rules- Scaly Skin (5+), Cold Blooded (Uses 3D6 and discards the highest when doing leadership tests)

    Offense- 5 WS6 Str6 attacks that ignore armor saves
    Defense- 3+ Armor Save, 4+ Ward Save Vs. Strength 5+
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    108 (x4)

    Quote Originally Posted by avatar of khaine View Post
    Characters- I don’t have the army books or rulebook, so with your character post a synopsis of what he does, his abilities etc. (yes, I do know enough to roll the matches.)
    This appears to need restating. Ah, well.

    Please post a summary of your character's abilities and item effects
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    Avatar's Arena #3 let the games begin!
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    458 (x8)

    Beastlord Rawrgrath

    As night began to fall, the Brettonian knights ended their day's march, and set up camp. Rather, their squires set up camp. Eventually, they got a fire going, and were beginning to eat. Lord Marc du Prees sat down with his accomplices, and began to plan the rest of their quest. If they went around the forest, they would eventually hit a path that would hopefully take them into the mountains, and then they might be able to kill the mountain-beast said to have a glorious hoard. Plus, of course, the favour of the Lady wouldn't be too bad either.

    Sure the Empire may try get the Bretts turfed, but they would just have to live with this incursion. These obviously superior knights would be able to handle anything the landlords could throw at them anyway.

    As a large gust of wind blew out the fire, rustling was heard in the forest, and a low growl was emitted. The knights went to their tents and donned their armour suits, ready for a conflict. The fire was relit, but the growls continued, as did the rustling.

    All of a sudden, a horn sounded. This was no trumpet of the Empire, but a primitive beasthorn. Large, disfigured beastmen emerged from the forests.

    The peasant sentries were quickly impaled, and the beasts rushed to the knights, who had no time to mount their horses, so were forced to fight on foot.

    The night rang out with the sound of battle, as gor fought knight, the Bretts holding against the element of surprise, and the vastly superior numbers.

    However, a large beastlord emerged. Standing at least a head above his peers, he carried a massive axe, reeking of death and decay, dripping a dark green gore. Though his shield was tatty, his breastplate was quite the opposite. A fine piece of metal, it had the mark of some illegible deity. Any who saw it were instantly repulsed.

    Roaring, he moved up to the first knight he saw. Bringing his mighty axe to bear, the poor Brett's armour proved completely useless, and the mighty Rawrgrath crushed it with ease.

    Moving onto the next knight, his new opponent was better prepared. Trying to block the beastlord, the knight found this to be in vain, as the beastlord simply sliced though that, shattering the knight's arm. With the next blow, the knight was dead.

    Wasting no time, Rawrgrath started discarding knight corpses as quickly as he was killing them off.

    That was the last memory Marc du Prees. The foul stench. The ragged and cheap equipment. The mighty bellow, resembling a bestial bray. The towering beastlord swinging his mighty axe. The searing pain. The uselessness of his armour. The claustrophobic blackness engulfing him.


    Rawrgrath is the defending champion of the regular tournament held by the Archon Academy. Managing a surprise win against Markus the Ever-hungry, he was gifted an honourary crown. However, such is his favour in Nurgle's eyes, the crown quickly became a mutated artifact.

    Starting off as a mere gorling, Rawrgrath found his ascension to the top of his herd rather rapid. The original Beastlord Rawrgrath was killed in an Off-Seasonal Arena, before his replacement consorted with the blood god. However, Nurgle's grip was still strong on the tribe, and two young Wargors of Nurgle usurped his power. One of them took over the power (and the name Rawrgrath), and appointed his associate as a 2IC.

    Since this rather aggressive takeover, the herd has proved very successful. Rawrgrath and Ghaargor have joined the Archon Academy, and Rawrgrath himself just won the most recent tournament. With this kind of success, it will become a matter of time before his foul presence is felt in Repezhua.

    However, the tribe has since gotten too big for one Beastlord to manage, so they split into two, and Ghaargor and Rawrgrath signed a treaty of peace. They became pus-brothers, and now live in the forest outside Cumferenceberg, protecting the city from foul raiders in return for protection from the elves, and a guarantee into the Archon Academy- so long as they don't make too much contact with the citizens.

    Axe of Improved Strength- This is a battleaxe with somewhat sharp edges. In addition, this axe gives Rawrgrath superbeast strength. Counts as the Black Maul.

    All dressed up for battle.- Since killing off his predecessor and stealing his name in outright identity theft, Rawrgrath now has a mighty Nurgle-marked breastplate that he never leaves home without. Also, ever since being infected with Nurgle's Rot, his legs have been a regal symbol of authority, and removed the need for armour leggings. The shield he carries is, naturally, a hunk of stinking, rotted wood, but at least it does the job. Counts as the Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Armour, and a shield.

    Crown of the Archon Academy- Rawrgrath is the reigning champion at the Archon Academy. The crown he was gifted as a reward grants great fortitude. However, such is the state of disrepair it has fallen into, it is unlikely that the organisers of the tournament will ever ask for it back, and will simply make a new one. Counts as the Crown of Horns.

    Appearance: Rawrgrath is a simple Beastlord, with the usual features (ie, a muscular frame, dark brown fur, large horns etc). As such, he has the best equipment. This includes a large breastplate, sporting a pale green Mark of Nurgle. His shield is a mass of rotted wood with a few cheap decorations (indeed, it has long since passed it's Use Before date). His axe is a large battlaxe, held in his right hand, serving as a symbol of authority as well as a functional weapon. It was looted from an orc Warlord several years ago, and has become slightly more sickening in the hands of this new master.

    Rawrgrath has been bestowed several blessings of his patron god, and has a rather pallid skin, and several open injuries that have a nasty habit of seeping pus when it's least convenient. His legs' (as stated earlier) skin has become thicker, almost scaly, and is very hard to pierce (yes, there are some characters out there that would attempt such a cheap attack =.=), plus I might grant a couple of minor mutations to the first writer to document one of his fights.

    Synopsis- Attack: 5 WS6 S7 attacks until he does less wounds than his opponent, I6
    Synopsis- Defence: 3+ armour save, 5+ ward, 4 wounds at T4, causes Fear.

    248 pts

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    82 (x2)

    Let's go with something a bit different...

    Skarseth Twittertooth, Skaven "War" Lord.

    The Foul Pendent: Grants the wearer a 5+ Ward save.: How Skarseth was able to get his grubby little hands on one of the most highly prized items in the Skaven community is even a mystery to himself. Some say he was chosen by the Horned Rat to wear the crown, others believe he hired an Eshin Assassin to steal the relic. Skarseth cares not either way, and delights in seeing his wounds reheal and the shock in his opponent's eyes.

    Warpstone Armour: Grants a 4+ save that can be combined with other armour as normal. For each successful armour save in close combat, the armour inflicts a Strength 4 hit against the enemy that struck the blow.: A suit of armour that was "inherited" from his father, Skully Twittertooth the unwise, the armour has saved many a Skaven Warlord while they wore it. Unfortunately the same could not be said when the armour was off, Skarseth learned this life lesson early and lives within his armour twenty four seven, the mutations are just a minor setback.

    Weeping Blade: The wielder has +1 strength, each unsaved wound is multiplied into D3 wounds. During a raid with a fellow clan against a bewildered Empire outpost, Skarseth was back to back with the Clan's Warlord, Buzzy Darkpaw. Surrounded on both sides, the larger, black Skaven Buzzy was famed for his blade that eternally wept blood. He slayed many a soldier while Skarseth hid under the bodies of the fallen Empire troops. Soon a Grandmaster from a local Order entered the battle, swaying the outcome in the Empire's favor. Buzzy in a state only described as insane by Skarseth, challenged the Order leader to a ritual duel. After a long bout the Grandmaster gained the upper hand, swinging his mighty hammer down low to cave in Buzzy's head. His blade was flung high, landing only a few small feet from Skarseth. Knowing soon the Skaven would all be wiped out, Skarseth picked the blade up and ran through the dark forest, deserting his clan and former life.

    Skarseth's Lucky Shield: Normal Shield that isn't that lucky.

    Total: 203 Pts.


    M: 5, WS: 6, BS: 4, S: 4(5), T: 4, W: 3, I: 7, A: 4, LD: 7.

    (Continuing after the last weapon story)

    After deserting his Clan in the middle of the night, Skarseth faced ridicule and death if he ever returned. Wondering what kind of existence he could have being a free Rat now, he didn't have long to ponder his future before Slavers found and nabbed him. Feeling that this was finally the end, Skarseth made peace with his fate as he was shoved into the Arena. Oddly a blood lust came over the normally meek individual, and he unsheathed the Weeping Blade with a blood curdling scream. Skarseth awoke to see a large Ogre before him, or at least what looked like an Ogre, from the size of the mutilated corpse.

    Skarseth soon started to hear a voice in his head, small at first, but soon growing in size. It soon revealed itself to be Buzzy, trapped within his former blade for his failure in combat. Buzzy, enraged that Skarseth failed to help him, wishes to punish him through the only thing Skarseth can't stand: Combat.

    For Avatar: Skarseth is about four feet tall, with brown fur and a white stripe running down his nose (Also fur just different colored). He wears tattered clothing under his armour, which is Spartan like in design and glows a dull green from the Warpstone. The Amulet is a small chunk of Warpstone on a black string worn around his neck, it dangles low and emits a green cloud that solidify's to block incoming attacks. He wears a patch over his right eye wear a scar is nestled underneath, and his remaining eye is solid red in color.

    The Weeping Blade is shaped like a fine Scimitar, it constantly oozes blood when unsheathed and tends to cackle with laughter. When deflecting blows and blocking it screams as if the contact hurts it.

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    332 (x7)

    She Hates. She hates with a pure, perfect hate. The kind of hate that suffuses ever crevice of her being; the kind of cold fury that lends her strength and determination. She Hates like none before.

    Born on the Isle of Ulthuan many, many years ago, Aliss' life was forever changed when the Corsairs attacked and took her captive while she was yet young; destined to be merely another sacrifice on the altars of Har Ganeth. Bound to one of a dozen blood-drenched altar, Aliss' life was measured in minutes at most, when her abilities to command beasts came to the fore. Lumbering across the platform was the death of Aliss, an ancient, heavily scarred Cold-One, the veteran of many decades of battle and eternally hungry, controlled and guided by a Beastmaster of one of the local Noble families. With terror battling with her hate, Aliss faced the Cold-One down. Despite the scourging of the BeastMaster, it refused the sacrifice. Livid with rage, the executioner lifted his blade to sacrifice Aliss himself, when the Cold-One reached over to tear his head and his raised arms from his body with one wrench of its massive jaws. A sacrifice had been made, just not the one intended.

    The BeastMaster decided that her talent could not be wasted on a mere sacrifice. Transported to Hag Graef for "tutelage", Aliss was nothing more than a slave in the Cold-One breeding pens. Decades passed slowly, with each day a fight for survival against the malicious oppression heaped on a "child of Ulthuan". However nothing and no-one could prevent Aliss' rise from slave to apprentice, nor her bloody rise through the ranks to BeastMaster. Any who challenged her position inevitably became victims of "training accidents", mauled by their own beasts.

    Determined to destroy her, the BeastLord of Hag Graef challenged Aliss to a beast-duel. Only death awaited the loser of the duel. The duel was to be between a Cold-One trained by Aliss herself, and the BeastLord's own Manticore. To the BeastLord's amusement, Aliss stood in the arena next to the Cold-One, facing down the brutal might of the Manticore with a sneer on her lips. The conclusion was foregone.

    Aliss laughed for the first time in decades, as the BeastLord's own Manticore turned and leapt to devour him as he sat supposedly safe on the balcony overlooking the arena. As the victor of their duel, Aliss claimed the only things remaining after the slaughter of the BeastLord, a breastplate that appently survived the Manticore's claws unscathed, and his ring of office, which was still on his finger when it was found.

    To honor the ancient Cold-one who saved her life those many, many years ago, Aliss wove its tendons and teeth into a whip; made its hide into a cloak, and the largest of its scales became a shield. On her wrist are the great claws of the Cold-One, wrapping around her hand like a sword's fistguard, and dangerous enough to be a weapon in their own right.

    Except for the Hate evident in her every look, Aliss would be a true beauty amongst the Children of Ulthuan. As things stand, her looks mark her as an object of hatred from all those around her. She doesn't care, because the hatred is returned ten-fold. That's what she does. She Hates.

    BeastMistress Aliss Eskarina
    Hand Weapon; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield; Eternal Hatred
    Whip of Agony
    Armor of Eternal Servitude
    Ring of Darkness

    Total Cost: 249
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    8 (x1)

    Lord Rafiq, Emissary of angels.

    Following a life time of war againist the vile Durchii upon his great moon dragon, Rafiq is one of the greatest warriors in Ulthuan. After his dragon was slain at the hands of a dark elf manticore, Rafiq has been overcome by grief. He wanders the old world mercilessly killing anyone who gets in his way. He has been known to kill entire human settlements. Recently, Rafiq stopped an entire Orc Waaagh!.

    Rafiq heard of a long dead Tomb King being resurrected by a Vampire, and has come to the arena to demand his moon dragon to be returned to him..

    Lord Rafiq, Emissary of angels

    High Elven Prince.

    Talisman of the Dragon.
    To awaken his dragon, rafiq had to pass through 4 tests of will. He passed scared and battered. Ironic, usually the animal has to be broken to the rider. With this talisman, his moon dragon listened and respected him. Rafiq sees this talisman as a burden now, reminding him of his loss.Counts as Enchanted Shield and Talisman of Loec,
    5+ AS
    Loec= One use only, reroll all failed hits and wounds, enemies must reroll Armour saves. Rafiq then suffers 1 wound with no saves allowed.

    Sword of Angels
    After his ascension to princedom, Rafiq was visited by vision of an angel. This blade's shaft is as sharp as any blade ever created. It's hilt is in the shape of an angel, it's wings the sword guard. Rafiq uses this sword with deadly effect, cutting down foe and fool.Counts as Sword of Might,
    +1 Strength

    Armour of the Silver Emissary.
    Ran outta ideas...erm.. After ruthlessly killing the manticore that slew his dragon, Rafiq had the teeth of the beast made into a suit of armour. The results are unexpected and for some reason Just and HolyCounts as vambraces of defence and Dragon armour
    4+ ward save, may reroll armour saves
    5+ save, immune to fire attacks and breath attacks.

    WS 7, Str 4(5), T 3, W 3, I 8, A 4, Ldship 10.
    ASF, +1 str.

    Da 5, + ES 5 = 3+ armour save. Rerollible.
    4+ ward save
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    192 (x4)

    Necraemia, The Khorne Herald

    Riding his brazen behemoth, Hemocide, Necraemia charges into every battle with an unquenchable hunger for the bloody souls of his victims. He chases down the strongest foe in every battle to sate his appetite, however it is never enough and continues his perpetual bloody rampage. Adorning the Obsidian Armor and wielding the Firestorm Blade, no man, creature or monster will withstand the might of Necraemia.

    Herald of Khorne
    Special Rules: Demonic (5+ Ward, Immune to Psychology, Fear, Demonic Instability, Demonic [Magical] Attacks), Magic Resistance (1), Hatred, Killing Blow
    + Juggernaut of Khorne
    Special Rules: Demonic (see above), Bronze Behemoth (Calvery +3 to Armour Save instead of +1), Magic Resistance (1)
    + Demonic Robes
    The Demon can never be wounded on better then a 3+
    + Firestorm Blade
    Flamming Attacks and +1 Strength (shown as the 7 in the statline)
    + Soul Hunger
    Re-roll failed rolls to wound in the first wound of combat
    + Armor of Khorne
    3+ Armor save, resulting in a 0+ Armor save from his Juggernaut

    Statlines: M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    Necraemia 5 5 0 6(7) 4 2 6 3 8
    Hemocide 7 5 0 5 4 1 2 2 7

    240 pts
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    Trying to figure out what to moment its between a Herald of Nurgle, a Wight King(never seen one used in an AoD, but the killing blow might be good), or something from WoC(but im waiting on that book arriving).

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