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    Standard Arena of Death Rules

    How to enter:

    You are allowed to use any Lord or Hero character from any of the current army books. Storm of Chaos and the like are out. Below you will find a list of rules on how things work; however, there are a few limits on your characters.

    • Each character must be named.
    • They must be legal and cost no more than 250 points in total.
    • They cannot ride monstrous mounts (mounts with more than one wound).
    • No special characters.
    • All Hero choices may select 100 points of magic items, rather than the usual 50.
    • In addition, each one must be accompanied by a background and a description of them for the write ups.

    • To enter, you send a PM to me along with:

    • Name of character
    • Background
    • Equipment
    • Total cost



    • Goblin Warbosses (Night Goblins included) may go up to 20 points over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 pts in total.
    • Skink Chieftans may go up to 20 points over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 pts in total.
    • Skaven Warlords may go up to 20 points over their magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 pts in total. The Appendix Plague Lord is no longer permitted.
    • Vampires get 35pts extra – they may not exceed their magic item limit.
    • Tomb Kings get 25 points extra, they may not exceed their magic item limit.
    • Empire characters that do not take a Runefang may go up to 20pts over the magic item limit providing that they do not exceed 250 points in total.
    • Wood Elf characters get 20 points extra; they may not exceed their magic item limit.
    • Dark Elf Assassins are counted as Hero choices for all intents and purposes.
    • Bretonnians must pray to gain the Blessing, allowing their opponent to charge them and gain all the benefits thereof in the first round of each combat. A Bretonnian player who does not wish to pray should specify this before the match is rolled.
    Additional Rules

    Warpstone amulet - Same points cost, but roll to see if you die BEFORE the fight instead of afterwards.

    Killing Blow - If a character scores a KB hit then this is how damaged will be worked out: D2+n

    (n stands for the number of original wounds the character had minus two. This gives a 50% chance of killing a character off.)

    Dwarfs – Any dwarf lord entered may be mounted upon shieldbearers, all rules and restrictions apply as per usual.

    Gaze of the gods table: chaos characters will receive a single roll at the start of the tournament to represent the champion having the favour of his gods to take part. However unlike in a normal game further rolls will not be made after any victorious matches. However, should the player wish to change his result on the gaze of the gods table at any point of the arena he has a single re-roll which he can make before a match is fought to represent the fickle nature of chaos. Note that the player will be stuck with the second result regardless of the outcome. (Example: Daniel the chaos champion rolls +1 attack at the start of the arena, but later decides he wants something else in round 2. unfortunately he rolls stupidity and is stuck with it for the remainder of the arena in place of his +1 attack)


    The following items are banned, they are found to be too powerful or have an unfair advantage in an Arena of Death game.

    - Tress of Isolde
    - Sword of Fate
    - Van Horstmann's Speculum
    - The Daemon Sword
    - The Fellblade
    - The Bane Head
    - The Grudge Rune
    - Kurbog's Curmudgeonly Klobbera
    - Virtue of Confidence
    - Annoyance of Netlings
    - Palanquin mount
    - Pendant of Kaeleth
    - Any and all items/weapons/armour that nullifies or breaks magic weapons or armour.

    Also, any item that includes in its rules "nominate one enemy character" is illegal.
    How it works

    If you have never fought in one of these, the point is to pit two characters against one another, one on one. In all essence it is a challenge as in a normal game but with a few differences. Namely, they’re trapped in an arena with the only way out is to kill or be killed.

    We will roll a match up between two characters until one perishes. The one who remains standing will be the victor and progress to the next round.

    - Always Strike First

    - First round of combat
    In the first round of combat, both warriors count as charging for the purposes of lances and other special rules. If neither warrior has a 'strike first' ability (or a 'strike last' ability), the person with the highest Initiative will strike first. If both warriors are equally entitled to strike first (usually because they have equal initiative), striking order will be determined randomly. In essence, we will follow the rules as outlined by GW for ASF, great weapons, and the like.

    - Later rounds
    In later rounds of combat, neither warrior gets charging bonuses (pretty obvious ). Strike order will be determined using the same system as in the first round of combat - however, in cases of equal initiative, the die to determine strike order is not rolled. Instead, the person who struck first last time will strike first, combat alternating between each warrior.

    - After the Fight
    After the fight, the victor advances to the next round. Any wounds they suffer are healed, as well as any other effects (such as the manbane poison: or anything else that permanently reduces statistics). It is as if the last fight never happened!


    - Break tests
    Break tests are ignored in the Arena (where are they going to run in a ring of death?). Other psychology that may force an opponent to flee from combat is also ignored. THERE IS NO WAY TO FLEE IN AN AOD. For this reason, panic, unbreakable and Stubborn also have no effect.

    In addition, undead warriors ignore the rule that causes them to take wounds from combat resolution. In a similar manner, daemonic characters do not suffer from instability.

    - Fear
    Fear is handled similarly to normal. In the first round of combat, a warrior facing a fearsome foe will take a Ld test. If he fails, he will hit on 6+ for that round of combat. After that, fear has no effect.

    - Hatred
    Hatred is also handled as normal. The warrior will re-roll failed 'to hit' rolls against hated foes in the first round, unless a specific army book overrules this.

    - Stupidity
    Since stupidity is ignored in combat, it only effects the first turn when the model suffering stupidity is attempting to charge. He or she will take a stupidity test as normal; if failed, the model strikes last, no matter what. I.e., no ASF for failed test.

    - Frenzy
    While there's nowhere to run, you can still have the frenzy knocked out of you; therefore, models do lose frenzy as normal.

    Note, some arenas may make minor changes to the rules set above on the whims of the arena master. These rules are here to allow new players to read up on how an arena is done without digging through the forum.

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