Whilst I don't expect this event to hugely take off in popularity, I do have a few things I'd like to mention before voting takes place.
1) Please cast votes in Bold, or in the title of the post, or emphasised some other way. This makes votes easy for me to tally at the end, rather than having to read through the posts. You can vote by posting the race or the name of the list - anything as long as I know who you're voting for.
2) I also request that you include a reason for why you picked that list. It can be as simple as "Army 1 has better shooting," or as complicated with a full, insightful commentary on how you think the game will play out, though the latter is always preferable.

One final thing, this one's more on the lines of etiquette.
3) If anyone disagrees with your vote, please don't take it personally. Discussions about the votes are always positive, as long as they don't detract from the thread and remain civil. If it is you that is disagreeing with a vote, please be respectful in the way you do so. Comments like "you know nothing about this" are not appreciated.

Should you decide that a post is too hostile, either PM myself, or use the Report function.

I reserve the right to ignore any votes that don't comply with points 1) and 2). But as the LFWHFBM (Local Friendly Warhammer Fantasy Battle Moderator), I will politely inform you of your mistake, and edit to make something Bold if necessary.

That is all. Have fun voting.