Greetings fellow gamers. I've been searching and it seems there isnt a gaming club in my town. I am curious if there are any other warhammer fantasy players in Saratoga Springs NY. I'd really like to meet some gamers in my area to start gaming with on a semi-regular basis. I am located in Saratoga Springs NY. I currently have 2 small armies. I have a dwarven and orcs and goblins army. More than likely I'll be purchasing the new box set to field two more small armies and more importantly acquire an 8th edition rulebook. After this purchase I'll also be able to field a total of 4 armies. The reason I am choosing to do this rather than expanding an army to tournament size is simple. I currently dont have a large gaming base as I choose not to drive my big gas guzzeling truck down to Albany or up to Glans Falls. I feel that having several smaller armies will allow me to introduce others to the game by letting them play one of my armies. My hopes are to introduce people and hope they purchase armies of their own. I am not having good luck with this however. I havent really met others interested in playing as most of my friends at this time would rather be outside playing sports. So if your a fellow warhammer fantasy player and live in this area please respond to my thread. I currently have a small gaming board I've build that is only 4' x 4'. Its pretty nice though i believe. I have several trees to form 3 or 4 forests. I only have made one hill thus far and one house. I have 2 hedges and a fence and that is the jist of my terrain. This I find is plenty for up to 1500 point games but better for just under that. If I meet other gamers i more than likely will build an identical 4' x 4' board I can place alongside it for larger games and will expand my army collection as well. So I ask any gamers from this area to please come out of the woodworks and show yourselves as I would love to meet people to play. This hobby is great but right now its mainly been a terrain building and painting hobby for me. Again local gamers please post and come out of the woodworks I'd love to meet you all. It is my hopes to one day meet enough gamers in the area to start a gaming group in Saratoga Springs NY. Thank you all and I look forward to hearing from somone in the area.