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    Gladiator Arena 1 Results round one!




    Romulus Rockbreaker
    145 Dwarf Lord
    0 Gomril Armor
    10 Pistol (S4 Armor Piercing shot in 1st round)
    3 Shield
    25 Shieldbearers:
    50 Rune weapon: Master Rune of Swiftness , Rune of Might
    5 runic Armor: Rune of Stone
    238 points total

    Mv3 WS7 BS4 S4 T5 W3 I4 A4 Sv0+/-1+


    11. Plague_00
    Name= wussykrit ironpaw, 181
    Race= skaven
    Class= lord
    Fluff= an aging warlord he was tunneling his way to the world edge moutains but got lost, when he dug up to get his bearing he found himself in a strange cilindicular building made by the manthings filled with the smell of blood and battle
    warplock pistol
    Magic Items=
    enchanted sheild
    warpstone armour
    warpstone amulet

    Mv5 Ws6 Bs4 St4/5 T4 W3 In7 At4 Ld7

    As Romulus Rockbreaker entered the gladiator ring, he smelt a smell that reminded him of something. His shield bearers handed him a large, dusty tome, he opened his golden bookmark to page 432, and inscribed in a professional type set by scribe kory kragg was the sentence “Skaven invade hometown of kargg stoneforge.” Yes there was to be a glorious grudge settled today in the ring. As soon as he handed his Book of grudges back to the shield bearers, he mounted his shield and prepared for battle. As soon as he got up a rumbling started before his feet and almost knocked him off his shield if it weren’t for his stoicism. A large hole appeared in the middle of the arena and out popped a curious little creature, who proceeded to sniff the ground around him as his eyes adjusted to the newly found light above his head. Wussykrit knew he needed to take a left at that last town. He pondered a second to study his surroundings, looking at the enormous crowds gathered here, it appeared that it would be worthwhile to stick around and see what was going on.

    As soon as he jumped out of his hole, halberd in stow, he heard a loud crack, before he had time to turn as face the large sound emitting from behind him, he felt him self overcome with a large pain in his back, suddenly he realized that he was in the famed gladiator arena of the great empire! Before he had time to take in his surroundings, He jumped and corkscrewed to the left and fired his pistol midair easily hitting the large target set before him. He realized what he was now up against a giant dwarf, to lazy to even carry his own body. The skaven chuckled as he heard his warpstone infused bullet split the metal of the dwarf on top of the other slaves carrying him around. It was only then that he realized he hit the giant shield atop the slaves and not the dwarf. As he surged forward, praying to the great 3-horned rat, he leapt high in the air with his halberd

    And came down with all his might on the great dwarf. He furiously hit all of his attacks and felt some of them pierce the ancient dwarf. One made a giant gash across the mid-region of the dwarf and blood split forward. Romulus laughed a great laugh form his deepest voice and spake “ Is that all you’ve got puny rat? Take this!” As soon as he said that he swung furiously and hit the skaven twice. As soon as he struck the skaven lord, he felt an immediate shock up is arm. His body jolted with a power he had never known and suddenly he felt a very hot heat from his armor. He jumped and pulled his mighty axe away from the armor of the stupid rat thing. He commanded his bearers to attack, but fearful of the shock they just saw their leader face, they didn’t attack. As soon as he barked his command to attack, the rat thing was jumping high into the sky again. Wussykrit surged forward in the air and struck the dwarf with all his might into the wound he had previously incurred upon the dwarf. He felt one solid hit strike home and saw the gash growing deeper into the dwarf, seeing his armor split forth even further then the last strike. Romulus now in the death fury from his wounds in his stomach was growing mad with rage.

    This was bad however as he saw most of his attacks hit the rat. As soon as he made contact with the skaven, he grabbed the skaven by the throat, being careful to avoid his magical armor, held him high before the crowd and threw his puny rat body to the ground with all his might. Wussykrit, not being known for his courageousness, but however being known instead for his cunning, he feigned his death. He was badly broken in many spots, however as soon as the dwarf lord came to decapitate the rat, he reached up and quickly swung his halberd in a large sweeping helicopter motion, he hit in the same spot he had been hitting the great dwarf all the battle. As soon as he felt contact he shoved his halberd in the ancient dwarf and stepped back.

    The lord gave a Great thunderous last roar as he fell on top of the halberd shoved in his side and the battle was over. Wussykrit would live to fight another day! He had to tell his elders and the great grey seer of his clan about this great moment. The slaves that held his useless shield the entire battle wrote a little in their big fancy book and came to take the ancient lord’s remain. Well what was left of it. The skaven then walked over to the gladiator announcer podium and said to the announcer “Sign me up for more battles!” realizing the fame he could gather from this place.

    Conclusion: Skaven win
    Rolls(In order of to hit, to wound, armor saves and ward saves):
    Dwarf pistol: 4 , 4 , 3, 1 (Skaven takes 1 wound at this point)
    Skaven pistol : 4, 5, 6(dwarf makes save)
    Dwarf lord (I4 +5(for going first ability) + 4(d6) = 13
    Skaven lord(I7 +6) =13(!!!(note to self skaven should go first just for rolling that)

    Skaven combat: 4 4 5 6, 1 1 5 6, 2+ save: 5 1.(dwarf takes a wound this round)
    Dwarf combat: 1 2 5 5, 4 5, 3+ armor save: 5,5
    Sheildbearers: 1 2
    See who goes first: dwarf rolls 3, Normal I order.
    Skaven combat: 2 2 6 6, 4 5 , 2+ armor : 5 1( Dwarf take his 2nd wound)
    Dwarf: 1 1 2 6, 5 , 3+ save: 3
    Sheildbearers: 1 3
    See who goes first: dwarfs roll 6 for going first.
    Dwarf: 4 4 3 2, 2 4 6 , 1 2(skaven fails saves), 6 2(makes one ward save, skaven has 1 wound left at this point.
    Sheidlbearers: 4 3, 1(shield bearers are totally useless)
    Skaven: 2 5 6 6, 4 4 6 , 1 1 5 on dwarf saves

    BATTLE 2:

    2. Dragon
    Black Ork Warboss Drog Ard'Ead Umie'Cruncher 238
    4 7 3 5/7 5 3 4 4 9 2+ 5+

    Fumpas Club of Fumpin

    Warboss Ums best big boss

    Heavy armor

    A mean, scarred warboss that Is planing on unleashing a tide of green bodys on the Empire and Bretoninia. Entered to attract more boys to his cause. Skin is a very dark green with glowy red eyes.

    5. Bustacaps
    Huan Gar + 234
    Saurus Lord
    Chosen by the great God Quetzle, Huan Gar was spawned for a greatness, he seeks to prove his worth in the arena and prove to the Lizardmen race he is the chosen one to lead them into a new age and spread the word of the old ones.
    2 handed weapon, Light armour
    Sacred Spawning of Quetzle
    Venom of The firefly frog, Aura Of Quetzl, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior

    M9 WS6 BS 4 S5/7 t5 w3 I3 A5 ld 8 Sv 3+, Ward 4+ vs attacks of s5 or more

    As Drog Ard’head Umie’Cruncher entered the ring atop his finely trained boar, he peered up into the stands only to see Sudz’s boyz eatin’ and making a general riot. His crew was large yet somehow efficient, but to take over the Umie’s and the stunties Drog would need an endless supply of greenskins. He knew that Sudz had amassed a large number boyz throughout different WAGGHS! Sudz knocked some sense into his boyz and made the big one throw a small green object at Drog. As Drog squinted to see what it was, the object came into focus as a small little goblin. It bounced off his helmet and knocked him off his boar. Right as he got up to clean himself off, the goblin was sneering at him and Sudz got a good laugh out of it as well. Drog smashed that little goblin to the ground and only a small green ooze remained when he had lifted his club. Drog said to himself “ O man, I’z needz to smash dem umies!!”

    He climbed up on top of his boar and waited for his competitor. Suddenly a giant gate smashed open in front of him and a large cage appeared by some frightened attendants. They quickly opened the latch and ran back into the safety of their large wooden door emblazoned with the stench of blood. A giant, blue creature with scales the size of his hand along it back appeared. Huan Gar stepped out, his gold and black obsidian sword glistening with a green substance. It contained a lethal poison that, when correctly applied, dissolved flesh and bone within seconds. He stood across from a weird, green creature he recognized from the ancient texts only as “Orx”. Then Huan Gar noticed a gold necklace hanging from the curious green creature. He recognized it as a rare temple artifact from the temple of Quetzl, much similar to the one that hung from his neck right now. It imbued its wearer with unbelievable protection against weapons and arrows. He knew that he needed to get it back to the sacred temple. The slann there may even give him a warband with which to conquer new worlds as his reward. He quickly snapped back into focus and roared loudly as the crowd reared back and watched silently as the fight began.

    Drog Yelled loudly “WAAAGH!” as he charged up on his boar to meet his foe. “Wait, where’d dat damned lizza go?” he thought to himself. Just as he finished he heard a faint hissing behind him and when he turned to face the sound, a large blunt object met him square in the face. He reared his boar backwards and ran off to go find out where this lizard was. He felt a dark ichor spill from a large dent in his face where his forehead used to be. He quickly turned to face the lizard that had just built up enough momentum to charge him. He wouldn’t have enough room to charge him this time, Drog thought. He charged the foul lizard and with all his might screaming and slashing wildly until one his blows connected with the lizard. He followed through with all his might and power until he felt the lizard smash into the ground. His boar trampled over the lizard and dislodged his horn into the lizard but not seriously wounding it. As soon as the Orc looked up into the stand Huan Gar saw an opportunity.

    He started running, slow at first until he had built up enough speed to pass even a wild goblin chariot. He hissed as he came closer and closer to the dumb orc. He came up behind him and smashed the orc right in head. He must have broken some bones in that thick skull of his foe, however when he pierced the thick metal plate of a helmet strapped to the orc’s head, he finally hit a rock hard target and thought he had hit the orc’s skull. He couldn’t be more wrong. The trinket that the foul orc had stolen was glowing now and he knew that with the magical powers it held, the orc would be lucky to even notice but a flick from the mighty blows of an ancient oldblood as himself. Before he had time think about how to defeat the orc, he was attempting to dodge the orc who was now mad with rage at the wound in his head.

    The orc struck hard and fast, not wanting this lizard to escape his beating this time. Huan gar regretted stopping to think of the clumsy orc. He saw one final blow straight to his mid section. The orc felt the shattering of ribs and other various lizard bones with every blow he struck. It felt great, to be an orc. He saw sudz boyz loudly cheering up in the stands. The magnificent black orc strode around the arena and saw a tide of green breaking down the stands. Even old Sudz was running to bow to the great orc. They all recognized his strength and they knew that they had found a new warboss.

    Conclusion: ORCS win!

    Rolls(in order of to hit, to wound, saves and wards):
    Who charges:
    Ork: I4 +2 for barded mount +5 on d6
    Lizardmen: I3 + 3 for m9 + 6 on d6.
    Lizards go first.

    Lizardmen: 1 2 2 3 6, poisen, 6+save: 2, 5+ ward: 1 (Ork has two wounds left)
    Orcs:1 1 1 3, 5 , no save, 4+ward: 6
    Boar: 1 to hit
    (Orcs go first because of lizards great weapons)
    Orcs: 2 4 5 6, 4 5 6, no save, 4+ward: 2 3 6(Lizard has 1 wound left)
    Boar: 5, 6, 3+ armor save: 5
    Lizardmen: 2 5 5 4 6, one auto 4 4 6, 6+save: 6 6 1 2, 5+ward: 5 5
    Orcs:3 4 5 6, 4 2 3, Nosave, 4+ward:1 4 5(lizardmen die)

    Orcs win

    BATTLE 3:

    3. SOTEK
    Name: Visogroth 146 pts.
    Race: Undead
    Class: Wight Lord
    Fluff: Awakened by the Vampire Count Necros, Visogroth is a horrible sight to behold. His weapon and armor grow black with death. He was once a knight of Bretonnia, but he ran into his master and was risen by him to serve him in eternity. He comes to the arena to prove his worth.
    Equipment: heavy armour
    Magic Items: Crowned of the Damned(4+ ward, stupid), Sword of Kings(killing blow on 5+), and Enchanted Shield
    Mount: Barded Nightmare(ws2, s3)
    Powers: Wight Blade(killing blow)

    WS:4 BS:3 S:4 T:4 W:2 I:4 A:3 Ld:9


    Baron de Lympwri Sted-Fuul

    Baron de Lympwri Sted-Fuul @ 234 Pts
    Grail Vow
    Hand Weapon
    Heavy Armor
    Sword of the Lady's Champion
    The Grail Shield

    Total Roster Cost: 234
    Mv WS BS St To Wo In At Ld Sv WSv
    4  6  3  4  4  3  6  4  9  2+ 5+* - Baron de Lympwri Sted-Fuul
    8  3  -  3  3  1  3  1  3  5  -   - Warhorse 
    (*= Blessing Ward Save)
    The Baron de Lympwri is a surprisingly "down on his luck" knight, despite having achieved all that Brettonians strive for. After completing his quest and drinking from the grail, his fortunes seemed to abandon him, the small chapel he was guarding was destroyed and the priests there slaughtered. This is his attempt to regain The Lady's Favour, for he has heard that the evil responsible is entering the arena. He will vanquish the evil that gathers here or die trying.

    As Baron de Lympwri Sted-Fuul rode into the arena, his head was down trodden. He briefly remembered how his temple was destroyed by an evil known be almost all empires, the evil of treachery. This evil was borne from his great arch-enemy Groth de Visolnuve. This feud was one born of the heavens. As the lady had gathered a new host of knights questing to view her eternal and holy presence and drink from the holy water of the lake, both Groth and Baron made a simple gentlemen’s bet. However when Baron had made it first and demanded payment on his bet, Groth refused and ran off, to the great plague lands of Slyvania. When baron returned home, he found it destroyed, all the people and buildings he once called home was now a wasteland. He fought to the arena as he heard brief rumors of a great evil entering the competition, said to once be a valiant brettonian. As his heraldry hung from the walls by the peasants who were more then excited to come and cheer their valiant champion onward, a great silence fell over the crowd and everyone threw a puzzled look as a great darkness drifted upon the arena.

    Some say that they say a great darkness that would condemn them all to death that day, and in some sense they were true, the embodiment of death rode a pale horse. Visogroth, as he was simply known, rode in, carrying a sword writhing with the wailings of a thousand souls who had met death upon its steel edge. The great Wight that rode atop a horse born from the very stuff of nightmares bore a crown that spoke of kings so pompous as to challenge Wight and fail horribly. Baron had finally met the great evil that plagued his great lands for so long. He had waited over 7 years for this opportunity to breath righteous fury down the neck of his greatest opposition. The sword in his hand spoke a great tale of protection from the skaven and other such foul beasts that plagued the land of Bretonia.

    As the battle started, both competitors, charging with a fury never before seen on the fields of the battle arena, swung and met in battle like no other. Visogroth grew audacious with the power to the crown atop his skull and hissed “Puny mortal, do you think that you can honestly defeat death it self?” Visogroth caught his opponent in the side striking with his sword and puncturing the weakly wrought armor of the Bretonnian lord and he felt the power of the blade absorb the great strength of the Baron. Baron felt a great wound weeping in his side, crimson tears that refused to stop. He quickly felt the strength of his ancient body being drawn from him every second the blade touched his skin, it tore at his very soul. He brought his horse around and charged at the cursed Wight once more, catching him off guard. Most of his arching swings hit home, however, death itself molded before him to accept the blows. His great horse that he had personally trained for war and blessed with the holy waters of the lake, struck the Wight squarely in the chest with his great hoofs that dwarfed most others. The blow hit the Wight off guard and Visogroth retracted in horror at a feeling he had not known for sometime, pain.

    The blessed water of the lake dissolved his cursed bone right before his eyes. He quickly covered the wounds in the heraldry that his land once bore as their own. He swung his horse around for another jousting charge at the great lord and felt his blow being deflected by the armors forged and cooled in the very water that had dissolved his bone before. Baron swung with a righteous fury his entire village would have been proud of had it not been for its destruction. However the dark energies bounding now from the crown atop the Wight healed his wounds as his sword pierced deep and crushed bone under his mighty blows. The crown was growing weary with battle as it came ever closer to tasting flesh once more.

    The Wight made another pass around at the lord and felt the blade pierce his legs and felt the dark energies growing in the blade. However a spirit bound out of the lord’s shield and it carried the blade out of the wound on the lord’s leg. The spirit of the lady had bursted forth from the magical shield and instilled a courage not known before to the Baron. He struck forward with a new righteous zeal and came straight down on death’s head and landed a killer blow from the great sword in his hands. The Wight’s bones crushed beneath the holy power of the Lord and his warhorse. As he defeated his foe, he felt a great guilt lifted from his soul. He felt the need to fight on in search of more gold and resources in which to build up his village again. He had to continue in his quest to repay those who had struck him down and afflicted a fear in the fair people of his land.

    Rolls(in order of to hit, to wound, armor, and ward saves):
    VC stupidity check – 7
    Who charges:
    VC = I4 +6(d6) + 2 (barded mount) = 12
    Brets = I6 +2(d6) + 3(bretonnia barded mount)= 11
    VC Combat: 2 4 4 , 1 5(killing blow on 5+), 5+ save:4, 5+ ward: 4, Toughness check: 5 (suffers additional wound)
    Mount: 2
    Brets combat: 2 6 4 4, 1 1 4, 3+ armor: 2, 4+ ward: 6
    Mount: 6, 5, 1+ armor save: 1, 4+ ward: 3
    VC combat: 2 2 6 4, 3 4 , 3+ save : 6
    Mount: 1
    Brets Combat: 1 2 3 6, 3 3 , 3+ armor save: 1, 3 4+ ward: 5
    Mount: 6, 1
    VC combat: 2 2 4, 5(killing blow), 5+ save: 1, 5+ ward: 6
    Mount: 2
    Brets combat: 3 4 4 6, 3 5 6, 3+ save: 2 2 6, 4+ ward: 1 3
    BRETS WIN!!!!

    BATTLE 4:

    Morkalii, Scythe of Karond Kar - 240
    Dark Elves
    Lord (Highborn)
    -Crimson death
    -Blood armour
    -Sea dragon cloak
    -Cold one(ws3, S4)
    -Talisman of protection

    Ws7 BS6 s4/6 T3 WO3 I8 A4 Sv: 2+, 6+ ward


    13. Kore

    Kor'tal the Devastator- 232
    Exalted Champion of Chaos
    With no remembrance of what or who he was before, Kor'tal only knows that his master requires blood, and blood is what he will give him.
    Equipment etc: Hand weapon, extra hand weapon, shield, heavy armor, Mark of Khorne:

    M6 WS6 BS3 S5 T5 WO4 I5 A7

    A fear ran over people as rumor spread like wild fire that a recent expedition of the famed witch hunters had uncovered a beast of great strength and power, inscribed with the runes of the chaos god known as Khorne, the god of blood and gore. Its followers leaving only a bloody mess of dismembered corpses in their wake. An outbreak of fanatics devoted to Khorne had emerged in the famed city of Mordheim and wrecked a fearsome toll among the populace before having to have been brought down by a detachment of empire great swords. Who knew the destruction that a single famed Minotaur could cause when Khorne had taken over its unruly body. The Minotaur roared a great bone-chilling bestial cry as it smelled the scent of blood on the air of the arena.

    The cage bearers quickly opened the latch to the cage and what happened next was truly amazing. If you blinked you would have missed it. The hulking Minotaur charged a cage bearer and came up with chunks of human flesh seated upon his horns. He unlatched two axes the size of a small cattle and proceeded to massacre the other cage bearers upon its sharpened edges until all that remained of the former attendants was a red smear across the gate to the arena. The cage bearers didn’t even have time to draw breath to bellow their death scream. The Minotaur quickly sniffed around him to look for fresh blood to spill upon the blessed heads of his twin wars axes, emblazoned with a red stain drawn only from the blood of thousands of souls to sacrifice to the blood god. A cuirass of bone and human skulls hung from the massive beast drawn together with the sinew of a thousand human corpses.

    A great sigh of relief when a Dark elf high born entered upon his cold one and bearing a sword that writhed with a great red energy, and a plate of armor with a large gaping maw flashed into the metal, and it seemed to pulse every time it came close to a heavy pool of blood in the arena. Everyone realized that this dark elf, Morkalii, might actually appease the great beast for a moment or two. However, the audience never had time to hear his title and full name of Morkalii, Scythe of Karond Kar. He had not earned that name from a casual slave raid here and there. He was known for his lightning swift raids and he was said to harvest slaves and souls like a scythe through wheat. The minotaur was nigh upon the dark elf in seconds and at the last second the dark elf commanded his cold one to side slip and let the charging bull run through a red cloud that was all that remained in his wake.

    He followed up on the confused beast with a furious swipe of his pulsing red sword. As the sword touched upon the flesh of the Minotaur it sliced through his armor like a knife through butter and grew with energy as it increased the strength of its bearers to a god like state. The armor pierced the silence among the audience with a horrifying scowl that seemed to suck all the blood form the wound that the dark elf had caused. The armor grew larger and stronger with every passing second. However the scowl was over turned by a might bellow from the Minotaur who proceeded to strike with the fury of Khorne it self, landing almost every blow it threw, his great axes having no trouble wounding the puny little dark elf. However the armor that the elf bore had no trouble deflecting the early blows, but when it came down to the later strikes it was helpless, weak and infuriated that the Minotaur had stopped feeding it.

    The trinket that his father gave to him, as a young dark elf provided none of the magical properties his father said it contained. The highelf was stricken from his cold one and landed hard on the floor. As Morkalii rose to parry the blows of the Khorne beast, he landed a blow that shook the earth itself and proceeded to knock the great beast out. This was a rare moment as Morkalii felt pity for the beast and decided to end its pitiful life as a meaningless killer once and for all. He struck his sword deep into the beasts brain and a great howl came forth form the wound as the runes of khorne slowly disappeared completely from the minotaur. Morkalii stood stoically atop the beast’s chest and shouted “Who’s Next?”

    Rolls(in order of to hit, wound, armor saves, ward saves):DE stupidity check: 3
    Who charges:
    Chaos: I5 + 3 (d6) + 1(movement 6) = 9
    DE: I 8 +5(d6) + 2 (barded mount) = 15

    DE combat: 1 1 3 6, 4 6, No save (Blood armor Gets save to 1+ for Dark elves now)
    Cold one: 1
    Chaos: 1 2 2 4 5 5 6, 6 5 3 3 , 3+ save: 1 2 4 5, 6+ ward: 1 5
    De combat: 2 3 4 5(Yhatzee!), 2 5 6, no save
    (Very short battle, sorry)

    BATTLE 5:
    7. Samu1710
    Hi, here is my character: Scurion of Clar Karond, Dark Elf highobrn (125 points)

    Cold oneFluffy
    Blood armour
    Blade of Rhuin

    Scurion's fluff:
    Scurion is a young, clever but poor highborn who is only doing this gladiatorial combat because he knows if he wins he will get a tidy reward. He is so poor, he has to rent out his rpeater xbow! Stupid 240 points limit.

    Ws7 BS6 s4 T3 WO3 I8 A4 Sv: 2+


    9. Calgar’s Finest
    Loq-Gor 213
    Loq-Gor used to be a general in the army of Tlaxtlan. His love for battle drove him to insanity and he was banished. He now enters tournaments to satisfy his love for blood and violence.
    Light Armor
    Pirhanna Blade and The Maiming Shield

    Ws6 s5 t5 WO3 I4 A5+1 non-multiplying attack

    Loq-Gor wearily entered the arena, blood and gore covering every scale on his bony crest and the vicious blade that had way too many spikes then should be physically possible on the amount of area provided on the blade. After his recent raid on an empire warband that had yielded nothing from his sacred temple, devoted to the old one god Sotek, he continued onward to find some trace of the sacred artifact that the local slann had been searching for. The blood soaked temple constantly dripped in the blood of human sacrifices. The empire humans would provide a great sacrifice to the old ones to help him find the artifact. Hopefully this human arena would turn up some evidence of this most venerable artifact. Just as he finished drenching his blade in the crimson ichor pouring form his pouch in honor of Sotek to bless his battle, a pompous dark elf rode in on its clumsy cold one.
    The jungle beast, also utilized by the reckless temple-cities of Itzl, showed no sign of domestication as it flung its rider wildly from one side to the other in search of worthy prey to met their death on his vicious fangs protruding from his maw. A dark red armor hung from the elf’s fragile frame and the elf had a blade pulsing with a dark energy that appeared to intensely heat anything that it touch with the fury of the dark god Rhuin. A large lizard had appeared before the dark elf in anticipation. The stench of blood hung over the arena like flies to a piece of rotten oxen.
    Both combatants flew at each other in a reveling display of speed as both met to clash arms with on another. The dark elf’s natural quickness enabled him to strike with the fury of a howling manticore, while the slow and dull witted lizard swung with the fury of a hung over dwarf. Scurion swung his great sword over the lizard’s head and came down strong. Although the blade met no challenge in the gold plates seated atop the ancient lizard’s head, it did met the end of its high arching swing when it came down hard on the lizard’s bony crest of a skull.
    The reverend lizard was reminded of the teaching of his mentor. Always take the brunt of the strike with your skull. As he had time to remember his ancient’s words, he found himself being charged head on by the elf’s cold one. He flew back in pain, but the plate on his chest absorbed the blow, however the plate could never survive a crash like that again. He brought his sword up and cleaved into the dark elves leg, feeling a great sensation when he heard the armor crack under his enormous strength. Blood flew freely from the wound on the dark elf’s leg. A wound from a normal blade could never cause such havoc, but this one tore through tissue and bone with ease. The shield carried by the oldblood, that looked more like a giant spiny crest from a stegadon then an actual shield, hit well in the mid side of the elf, but to only be stopped by the supposed armor that the elf was wearing.
    The dark elf sat back in pain and watched as he bled profusely from the simple cut that the lizard’s blade had caused. He was out to seek vengeance paid in blood. He charged the lizard again and came down straight into the lizards mid side, right next to the dented plate that hung from the lizard’s neck. He carefully aimed his swings and hit straight into the vital organs of the lizard. He followed through and came out on the other side blood drenching the sword. But as he turned he saw the lizard get up! How could any creature survive a blow like that and come out the strike with such fury.
    Loq-gar came and jumped with the height of a skink and the determination of a crazed khorne minotaur. He came down hard on the elf, and drove him from his cold one. He didn’t stop there, he proceeded to beat the lifeless doll into the ground. The ferocity of sotek burned through his veins as he punted the dark elf’s dangling head into the crowd, only to knock out some innocent bystander. He finally stopped and gave thanks to the old ones by covering himself in the blood of his fallen foe, to show both reverence to his opponent and Sotek.

    Result: Lizardmen win!
    Rolls(in order of to hit, to wound, armor saves and ward saves):
    DE stupidity: 1 2

    Who charges:
    DE: I8+2(barded mount)+ 3 =13
    Lizardmen: I4 + 5= 9
    DE combat: 1 1 3 5, 3 2
    Cold one: 6 6, 4+ save: 6
    Lizardmen: 1 3 5 5 6, 3 5 6, 4+ save: 3, 5, 5(note that the dark elf suffers 2 wounds at this point from the sword)
    Sheild: 5, 2 4+ save: 5
    DE: 5 5 6 6, 2 3 5 6, no saves
    Cold one: 5, 1
    Lizards: 1 2 4 6 6, 3 3 5, 3+ save for DE: 2 2 1(overkill on mr DE)

    BATTLE 6:

    8.Slasher hawk

    Blood dragon Vampire
    Virgil is an outcast, a warrior who fled battle when all was lost. Now he enters the gladiator arena to gain his lost pride and respect.

    Thrall 90pts
    nightmare(ws2 s3)
    great weapon
    flayed hauberkobsidian amulet

    M6 WS8 BS4 S7 T4 W2 I6 A3 LD7



    Gar-Loq + 167
    Southland Skink Chief
    Gar-Loq(as he calls himself) thinks that he is a big bad killing machine. Oneday, he ate a few too many mushrooms and thought he could prove himself in the arena. I think we all know how this will end.
    Spear, Blowpipe(2x s3 poisen), Light Armor, Shield
    Dagger of SotekSacred Stegadon Helm, Enchanted Shield
    Coldblood, Itzl, Blowpipe is Poisoned, Causes Fear(horned one)

    Mv WS BS St T W In At Ld Sv
    6.... 4... 4...4..3. 2..5 3/4 7 1+

    Horned One
    Mv WS BS St T W In At Ld

    Virgil’s spirit form looked down with pleasure at the carnage set before him. He knew that the longer he stayed in the arena competition, the longer he would have to raise an army from the ample supply of skeletons available to him and his warband. He took this opportunity to raise a large skeleton horse. Flames burned from it nostrils and it ran faster then any Brettonian warhorse. As he took to his flesh form, a large cloak formed around his fragile body, appearing to be sewn from the sinew of the many bodies he had slain before and a large quantity of stretched skins. A hefty weapon, that rivaled the likes of the famous ogre iron gut weapons, appeared in the Wight’s hands. The audience looked in amazement as a final piece of wargear formed around the Wight’s neck. A small amulet that was blacker then the deepest ocean depths and glowed with a gray foreign energy, hung gloriously from the Wight.
    Gar-loq flew into the arena atop his horned one, hanging on for dear life as the horned one circled the arena in wild, oddly shapen figure-8’s. A large crest hung over the skink and a small dagger was clasped in its brittle hands that burned red with the blood form the recent sacrifices made on its tip. Sotek also appeared in this skink and a blood craze that lead the skink to think that he could take on anything. He looked up and screeched “No challenge here, a puny skeleton atop his equally puny warhorse.” He gave out the deepest meanest laugh a skink of his size could give and charged forward atop his lighting fast horned one. As they set a course for each other, the skink drew his blow pipe dripping with a violent acid that dissolved bone and metal on contact. Enzymes in the metal tree frog’s spit, feasted on heavily armored empire soldiers that dared venture into the jungles of Lustria. . This adaptation evolved after a hundred years of evolution feasting on the hard plated soldiers. The skink shot 2 darts from its tip and hit with one. The enzymes instantly dissolved part of the great Wight’s arm as it came in contact with his body. However, the large skins draped across his back, stopped this poison from spreading further into the arm of the Wight. They met in the center of the ring and the skinks natural quickness combined with the agile nature of the horned one led him to strike first. He hit with all of his attacks, but wounding the creature was a different issue altogether. He swung with the fury of sotek himself and mercilessly cut the Wight’s bone until it came into contact with the tightly bound flesh on the Wight. His horned one had no additional success as the wight easily avoided its attacks.
    Virgil sung back with all his might and pounded the little skink as hard as he could. The giant crest of bone atop the skink finally stopped his momentum. That was weird; his weapon should have easily bore through that. He continued through and came around to face the skink for another charge, his horse to busy to do anything but run for its life.
    Finally back in the game, the skink drew its dagger once again the face the blood dragon and its cursed soul. He came forward and hit the count with all the skink fury it could muster. He managed to pierce the fleshy hide of the count and cause a wound to the Wight. His horned one also busy running for its life as the count turned in anger and frustration at how his mystical charm and his tightly bound hide failed to stop the attack.
    Virgil quickly threw these thoughts aside as he swung and nicked the skink riding its cursed beast. Flesh was weak. He swung his massive weapon in a helicopter motion and threw the skink to the ground. As it cowered before his mighty sword, its mount came up and charged him from the back. Causing no major damage to his form, both combatants came up on their mounts again for another charge at one another.
    Gar-loq faced his opponent. He charged forward and at the last second slipped to the right. This stupid horned one lost him the chance for one last good swing at the vampire. He missed all of his attacks and felt scared as his saw a massive blade come right on top of his face.
    The bony crest was no match for cold steel as the vampire threw the skink to the ground for the last time. He threw up his sword in the air and caught it, its blade facing the neck of the skink. With one final swoosh, the all powerful skink was forever killed. He would have to stay and fight to continue raising more bodies, he thought as he was already preparing the legions for one more warrior to join their ranks.

    Results: Vampire counts win!
    Rolls(in order of to hit, to wound, armor saves and ward saves.):
    Liz shooting: 2 6, auto wound, 1+ save: 3
    Who charges:
    VC: I6 + 2(barded) + 4(d6)
    Liz: I5 + 3(mount) + 5(d6) Lizardmen go first!

    Liz: 4 6 6, 1 4 2, 3+ save: 6
    Mount: 2
    VC: 2 3 5, 1 3, -4 to armor save 5+:6
    Mount: 1
    Liz: 2 3 4, 6, -2 to armor, 3+: 1, 4+ ward: 2
    Mount: 5, 1
    VC: 1 1 5, 5, 5+: 2
    Mount: 2
    Liz: 1 2 3
    Mount: 5, 1
    VC: 1 3 4, 2 4, 5+: 1,3

    BATTLE 7:

    10. Darknife

    Gotrik Bunderson-236
    -Dwarf Lord

    -Gotrik is the lord of Karak Strollar, a group of dwarfs that roam the mountains in search of a home. His father made an oath to the clan saying he would find them a home, but when he died in battle, it was up to Gotrik to fullfill that oath.

    -Gromril Armor, Shield bearers, Great Weapon
    -Rune of PreservationRune of Fate -Hates Greenskins

    Mv3 WS7 BS4 S4/6 T5 W3 I4 A4 Sv 2+


    16. RobTheGuru
    Name: Big Doive The Mawseeker
    Total Cost: 229
    Race: Ogre
    Class: Bruiser
    Fluff: N/A

    Mawseeker Big Name- 10
    Heavy Armour- 4
    Luck Gnoblar- 5
    2 Sword Gnoblars- 10

    Magic Items:
    Tenderiser- 50
    Wyrdstone Necklace – 20

    M- 6 WS- 5 BS- 3 S- 7 T- 6 W- 4 I- 3 A- 4 Ld- 8 save: 5+/5+ Ward Save

    Big Doive stomped into the arena with a rather large weapon strapped to his back. He starred in disbelief that he was actually here. Actually disbelief was a polite term for the blank stare that the massive hulking ogre had set upon his face. He stumbled over his clumsy legs multiple times as he trotted down to the center. A giant crude tattoo of a large gaping maw was drawn in blood upon his back. It glowed with a red energy that seemed to feed upon the ogre itself, while still keeping the host alive. He unsheathed the large hammer from his back and made sure it was plenty sharp by banging himself on the head once or twice. A distant shape then began to form. A shadow appeared in the distance that seemed to have to smaller legs with a misshapen thin torso. As the figure grew close it was shouting litanies of hatred while reading from his large gold-set book upon the shield forged in the great mountains of karak kieserfist. An ogre had killed his father while they were searching for the great mountain of karak strollar. They both starred at each other for a good moment while they waited to begin. The ogre finally surged forward but quickly forgot what he was doing. The Gotrik then decided that now would be a good time to pound forward and surprise the curious beast. He brought his great hammer of justice above his head and came down straight upon the great ogre’s head, hearing bone crunch as it connected. Although it’s skull was quite massive it came down hard, squishing a little green goblin that carried many different trinkets around it’s little neck. The shield bearers succeeded in tapping the ogre politely on the shoulder and asking if he would cease and desist this combat immediately.
    Doive refused the offer and proceeded to heave his great hammer around his head. As the hammer swung in a cyclone around the ogre, the hammer swung the ogre into a great storm of spinning fury. The ogre moved awkwardly, and he somehow managed to connect with the dwarf ridding the shield and knock it form it’s shield. The dwarf was blown back unto his stumpy legs. A giant gash had erupted in the great ancient suit of gromil armor that the dwarf bore. The dwarfs tiny but plump frame had become mangled inside its own armor form the brutal hit it took from the giant hammer, that didn’t pierce armor, it just crumpled it to a tiny ball of metal.
    Gotrik felt much of his strength drain from his side, his tiny but sturdy frame was giving way. Wait, no way he was going to let an ogre kill him, not here, not now, it wasn’t his time. He stood up and gave a great battle cry, almost to the liking of the famous orcs, but with more honor behind it. He turned to face the Ogre and brought his axe up to bear. He got atop his shield and charged straight into the giant ogre.
    Big Doive let out a great “hur hur hur” and deftly (well, deftly for an ogre) avoided the stumpy dwarf. He soon realized this was just a feint as the dwarf soon brought his weight unto the return blow, and the ogre soon found a large axe lodged in his shoulder. However, Doive was no stupid ogre, he realized the opportunity to smash this dwarf once and for all. The large hammer looked suitable to take down a mighty rhinox or even erase a lowly human from existence. He brought it over his head, but then looked down at his tasty treat soon to be, and found just ground. He looked around for that pesky dwarf and found nothing. When he finally realized what happened, it was too late, the mighty ogre had been felled by a brutal axe wound to the neck, that cleft the massive head off of it’s broad shoulders. Gotrik had finally one, even though he was barely hanging on to life. He opened a rustic tome to a page with runes quickly scribbled hastily onto its pages. The magic gold ink slowly started to evaporate. “Grudge settled.”

    Results: Dwarfs win!
    Rolls(in order of to hit, to wound and saves)OK wyrdstone: 1(3 wounds left on ogre)
    Ogre stupidity: 2 , 4

    Who goes first: Dwarves: I4 + 4 = 8(they go first)
    Ogres I3 + 2 = 5(second)

    Dwarfs: 1 1 6 6, 1 6, 5+ ward: 3, Luck gnoblar: 2
    Shield bearers: 4 4, 2 1

    Ogres: 1 1 3 6, 5 , 6+: 1, 2+(vs first wound) : 1, D3 wounds: 4(so 2 wounds)
    Sword gnoblars: 1 5, 1

    Dwarfs: 3 3 4 5, 6 1 4 5, 5+ ward: 1, 4, 6


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    117 (x6)

    I dont think its too long bcoz you point out who is fighting right at the start. I dont want to read any apart from the one for my character, so I know which ones to ignore. And when it is mine, it isnt too long to read.

    Cant speak for the others, but its fine with me.
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    57 (x3)

    I like it...its better than it being really short :lol:

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    30 (x2)

    What is this??! What is this??! I saw the 'Results' thing on 'most recent posts' and rushed to it only to discover that it only contained FOUR RESULTS!!!!!!!! Hurry with the other ones!
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    -5 (x0)

    oh my various gods i won the first battle and against a dwarf lord at that! screeee all fall before the might of wussykrit and his badly written map ha!

    i don't beleive it's too long i like it and it aint so bad having to wait if the quality is as good as this ....i still can't beleive my scaven won he was mostly sent in as a joke :lol:
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    Quote Originally Posted by samu1710
    What is this??! What is this??! I saw the 'Results' thing on 'most recent posts' and rushed to it only to discover that it only contained ONE RESULT!!! Hurry with the other ones!
    Don't be impatient, look how much he has written! This is good stuff
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    I think 1 detailed battle a day would be cool.

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    31 (x2)

    Nice battle report. The story was not too long, but it was my fight. I may change that opinion on other fights.

    I do have a few greivances over the results:
    1. You never stated the Init would be a roll off?
    2. Skaven is using two handed weapon and is either last or Negative to his rolls.
    3. Never rolled Init for my Shieldbearers, if a roll is required. (though they missed everything! lol)

    I may be misunderstanding how it was played out. Feel free to correct me. (no flaming)
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    54 (x1)

    I think it was a great battle report, definatly worth the wait to read. I wouldn't mind the wait if there all going to be this good.

    One question, the rat had a warpstone amulet, what happens if he rolls a one at the end of the match? does he die and the other person get a free pass to the next round?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Romulus
    Nice battle report. The story was not too long, but it was my fight. I may change that opinion on other fights.

    I do have a few greivances over the results:
    1. You never stated the Init would be a roll off?
    2. Skaven is using two handed weapon and is either last or Negative to his rolls.
    3. Never rolled Init for my Shieldbearers, if a roll is required. (though they missed everything! lol)

    I may be misunderstanding how it was played out. Feel free to correct me. (no flaming)
    Hey there romulus sorry fo your greviance i answered some of your questions in your pm and now i will answer all 3 of your questions here regarding rules tot he arena.

    1. Yes i did, this aws to give dwarf and lizardmen a chance to go first rather then normal I order. Please look over the rules again.

    2. Although the skaven is using a 2 handed weapon, he still strikes in I order, he just can't use his enchanted shield for saves. Also note that Great weapons are the only weapons that reqire you to go last, as per the rules on pg. 93 of the BRB.
    3.No roll was required, and i figure that they hit with the dwarf lord, either going first or last.

    Also the warpstone amulet question was brought up and instead of the skaven dying outright, he will suffer one wound before the match on the roll of a one. Sorry forgot to include that in, but mr. skaven got lucky and rolled a 3.

    Thanks for your intrest, and round 2 will be up tonight, that battle is dragon and Busta

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