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    Legion of Fluff vs Legion of Convenience

    After reading the very good points brought up in Kossolax_the_Foresworn's thread about the positive aspects of the new Chaos Codex it has occured to me that it would be very easy to move away from Cult armies and tailor an Unaligned army to be an awesome force on the battlefield.

    But what would it do to the Fluff?

    I'm fairly old school. I'm toying with the idea of a Renegade Legion but in the past I've always stuck with one or two gods maximum and I've always stuck to two simple rules:

    1) Khorne HATES Slaanesh
    2) Nurgle HATES Tzeentch

    From day one these rules were established but it seems that since Abaddon and his Black Crusades the Ruinous Powers are willing to get along and play a little better.

    So now we have the new book and a Renegade Legion who follows Chaos Unaligned allowing us access to the full glory of the new rules.

    But in the process I have a feeling in my stomach that the Gods would not be happy with us as we'd breaking a set of invisible boundries that exist in the Chaos Codex.

    Now all you really need to make the Renegade Legion work is:

    a) a good colour scheme
    b) a fluffy reason for their existance

    But whatever anyone comes up with the fluff will NEVER be as fluffy as the Traitor Legions. Now variety is the spice of life and also the spice of Chaos but the legions are the bedrock of 40K Chaos. To splinter TOTALLY away from the Traitor Legions for the sake of rules in a crime against fluff.

    Now Renegades Legions are great, don't get me wrong but I can't shake the feeling that the new rules lean a little TOO far in their favour.

    Hence, I think, the new generic daemon rules.

    Daemons from the different powers always looked strange side by side on the battlefield as they embody the very essence of their God. Unless an alternative colour scheme was used daemons of Khorne ALWAYS looked odd fighting side by side with daemons of Tzeentch.

    Now with "generic" daemons you don't even need to use daemon models from the Chaos range. Anything from converted Orcs to Lizardmen would do.

    It almost seems that for the convience of having awesome new rules we have to re-write the fluff.

    Just one mans opinion. Not saying it's a bad thing but it's definately a different take on Chaos and one they havn't pushed previously.

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    Hmm, well personally I will be sticking with my beloved Slaanesh marines, maybe with a touch of Tzeentch for variety. I think that, barring Ancient Enemies, if you can come up with at least a semi-decent explanation for why you have two different marks in your army, that's fine with me. And as for Undivided, anything goes I suppose, except maybe for the Cult Marines, since they would be too hardcore and ingrained in their own beliefs to ally with any other Cult.

    As disconcerting as it may sound, I think it's likely that we may see a rise in unfluffy optimal lists making use of various marks to achieve maximum effectiveness; Tzeentch sorcs leading Khornate Berserkers, etc. 'Course, we can always give those armies bad comp scores :w00t: People will do what they will.

    People who are into one Legion or another, or who love the fluff will of course be doing what they have always done. Personally I think that each of the Gods are fairly strong on their own, there's no need to mix around Marks unless winning is all you care about. That being said, I think there ought to be a balance between fluff and gameplay.

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    I don't think people played pure legions, at least not the dedicated four, for effectivity even in the third edition Codex. The option of adding say...a unit of Obliterators to gain some effective tankhunting were there and I think many fell for it.
    The people playing "pure" armies did so for pretty much the same reasons people will continue to start and play them- they are awsome.

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