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    Attack formation Alpha.

    This tactic requires:
    1 daemon prince w/ doombolt + wings(maybe even warp time)
    1 lord w/ jump pack
    2x squads of 5 raptors with dual melta

    As ilistrated in the diagram:

    First, fly towards the squad you wish to target. in the diagram, the enemy is ultra marines. At this point, You will be out of range w/ the melta, but will have range with doombolt from your prince. On average one marine will go down.

    Then, fly closer, unload your weapons. This should water down the squad a good bit.

    Charge in with your daemon prince and lord. This will rather assure to massacre the squad) before they can strike back
    You can charge in the raptors if you wish, but it really isn't nessesary.

    Once you have massacred the squad, move on to the next target.

    Hope this helps. Its worked for me.

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    I would advise two units with marines carrying plasmaguns and riding in rhinos.
    Place them on either side of above formation to shield the expensive raptors against enemy fire. With rhino, the units can easily keep up with the pace. Keep them cheap, they're there to die as meatshields.

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    You're not counting in the enemy turn.
    Turn 1: fly close, use doombolt.(+whatever else in range)
    Turn 1Bottom: enemy scoots up, unloads rapid fire plasma into your DP, possibly kililng daemon prince, rapid firing bolters to hopefully finish the job.

    Turn 2: unload weapons: 1 marine goes down from DB, 2, maybe 3 marines go down from bolt pistols and melta. charge whole contingent.
    in assault(if DP is alive) average of 7 attacks, hitting approximately 4 times. killing 4(on average)
    lord: hits 3 or 4, wounds 2 or 3.
    Raptors finish off.

    Bottom of turn 2: remaining parts of ultramarines army rapid fire everything they have into surviving members of this expensive glut unit.

    Chaos player weeps like baby because we just flushed 40% of the force down the toilet.

    This puts WAY too many points into one basket.
    2 squads of raptors,(albeit minimum)
    2 HQs(a minimum of 3 or even 400 pts total.
    assumtion that you are not taking attrition all the way up. Even with clever cover maneuvering,
    your oponent will see your flying doomsticks and position his troops to really nail you once you are in range. .. I would.
    W/D/L Eleventy trillion billion/NONE/ NONE - I am STILL rulezor!

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