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    chaos/space marines

    I dont have my new Chaos Space Marine book yet, hopefully soon, but I have noticed in forums and on the GW new catalog that Chaos is getting a new Vindicator. Im kind of wondering what you guys think of this, is chaos going to become some evil branch of space marines or are they going keep some of there uniqueness. Now dont get me wrong im all for chaos terminators getting storm bolter/combi-storm bolters. I even think it would have been cool to see a Chaos whirlwind with some warp powered or deamon made missles. I still think there are plenty of differences between the two, Defilers, possessed, and Daemons. I know that daemons got toned down with the new book but they are going get there own codex : Daemons next summer. But it seems like it wont be too much longer befor Chaos Marines become the Dark Choclate of the Vanilla marines.

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    [quote=chaospantz;989844is chaos going to become some evil branch of space marines[/quote]

    Ummm well I thought that's exactly what we were?

    As the Vindi is a pre-heresy tank I see no no reason why the CSM list shouldn't include it.

    I understand your concern but I think it's groundless. After all, it would be a sad excuse for a Chaos player who would field a tank without giving it a good dose of mutation.

    Mmmmm a rotting hull festooned with nurglings and a vindicator cannon that looks like an erupting boil......yummy;Y
    Don't hate Da Playa, hate Da Game!!!

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    :w00t: Hooray for ass monkeys!

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