At the moment I'm building a LaTD army and everything is pretty much going fine ruleswise... just the HQ section is a bit well... "chaotic".

The Aspiring champion w/ access to the chaos armory. I could go for the old chaos dex and take stuff from their OR i can look up the specific profile of the Noise champion, Plague chamion and so on.

My best guess is that the last one is a bit fairer or balanced as the old one would still permit my champion to have a Glaive or Reaper and hide behind 30 t4 wounds. If the last one is the way to go; then it would basically mean my Tzeentch champ would have inferno bolts?

So first, any suggestions on how to tackle the HQ section of the LaTD codex? Also, the Arch heretic. It's basically a Chaos general - 1 wound (at least, that was the lieutenant from the previous dex). Don't give me any "EoT isn't legal"... I know, but as long as I'm not playing tournies and keep it to friends for most of the time, I don't see why. I just want to see where this goes.

2nd; any suggestions on what to give those champs.

I'd go for a Noise champ w/ doomsiren & PW to support a squad of Undivided mutants. Have I5 w/ the champ after you've blasted a way in with the siren.

ANother suggestion on my "armored fist" would be a Tzeentch champion w/ bolt of change. Have 9 guardsmen and a champ there. Bolt of change, Lascannon, plasmagun and a couple of flashlights (or lasguns as they're more commonly known) The entire batch packed in a Chimera or rhino.