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Thread: The Earth!?

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    The Earth!?

    sorry about the title, didn't know what to call it. So first off I have to say that I have never read the first, or second edition chaos codex and many other codex's, but in the recent incarnation 4th edition, when the fluff stated that Horus attacked Earth. I guess I was a little shocked;?, because in all the novels and the codex's I've read. I have always heard Earth called "Terra", or "Holy Terra"

    It could just be the writers or maybe just me, but I think GW is leaning slightly away from the dark, gothic, latin feel of 40k and more towards the violence. Which was prevelent throughout the book, which is good. Yes kids violence = good.:rofl

    Comment and opinions please. And yes I know its just one thing, but I feel weird saying earth. I just feel that the last codex was much darker in its design, which as a chaos player liked. My main thing is that I hope the 40k novels keep the dark and gory feel that is what made me get into the hobby.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the new codex even more than the one before it. It takes picture content to the extreme!!

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    I like the dark tone of 40k, the brooding nature of the universe. I don't hear much if any argument that the 40k fictionverse is anything other than great, even if I don't think it's going anywhere quickly. It's good space opera, with the bad and the really bad. Reminds me at best of a great western or one of the old Kurosawa films, with the bad and the really bad duking it out at high noon, no good guys anywhere to be seen.

    So yeah, I'm calling it Terra.


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