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    friend wants to start slanesh

    ok, so one of my friends want to start slanesh. shes never played 40k before, and so im going to teach her the rules and she wants her army in 500 pt chunks.

    ok, so what would be a good start for 500 pts. i assume a lutenient with stuff and 2 squads of noise marines. i dont have the new book yet, but i just want to know what would you want. she wants to do pure slanesh. lots of noise marines, and daemonets, even though they dont have the rules anymore and are just lesser daemons now.

    the only problem is that i play daemonhunters, so when we play its going to be a little advantagous for me.

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    Can't start a new army without the current codex. Try a battalion box, it,s a pretty good deal for a starter list.

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    Well, first get the codex.

    Slaanesh... intersting of course, not as advantageous against GK armies as they still have a high (if not higher) initiative.

    However pure Slaanesh would require a Lord w/ MoS. Or preferably a Sorceror wit the much debated Lash of submission sorcery

    Noise marines; expensive model and moneywise. A squad of 10 noise marines w/ Sonic Blasters would cost aprox. 250 points. And that's without any upgraded champions or anything. As for moneywise; I payed 4 euro's (about 5,5 USD) for a set of Sonic blaster arms. Take into account that a box of Noise marines only includes one pair of arms for a Sonic blaster and one pair for a Blast master, it's suffice to say the price for a squad of Noise marines is pretty high.

    Daemonettes don't count as Daemonettes anymore. They're all lesser daemons. Daemonettes would be more on a budget then say Bloodletters. Mainly because they come as 3 in a blister opposed to bloodletters which come in packs of 2.

    As for a suitable point to start. The question of course is, do you want Noise marines as noise marines (including sonic weapons) or do you want standard Chaos marines w/ a Mark of Slaanesh. They're a bit cheaper, aren't quite as fearless and don't have sonic weapons. However, they use the "normal" weapons.

    If you want to go with the Mark of Slaanesh marines I'd suggest the Battleforce (it'll give you 15 marines, a Rhino and 5 possessed) with the new upgrade sprue you could easily convert one of those 15 to a suitable Chaos lord as the even have cult shoulder pads in them. Add some daemon(ettes) in the mix and you're set. It would be a bit harder to just get a second Icon of slaanesh for the second squad. Unless you kit em out as Noise marines w/ bolters

    As for an armylist it would be something like;

    Chaos sorceor Lord (145 points)
    Mark of Slaanesh
    Lash of submission

    7 Chaos marines (140 points)
    Icon of Slaanesh

    7 Chaos marines (170 points)
    Icon of Slaanesh

    6 Lesser Daemons (78 points)

    Total 533 points

    If you substitute the Chaos marines for Noise marines w/ Bolters they would be 140 + 175 points instead of the 140+170. Take in account that those noise marines are fearless and do not run away as fast. Preferably throw in an icon for daemon summoning. But for a sleek 550 points you'd have sufficient w/ the battleforce & 6 daemonettes. And I haven't taken in account the Possesed marines which would add in another 130 points.

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