Here's my list as it stands now. I'll probably still refine it. The theme is "piratey", with a mixed force that specializes in raids and looting.
The one "fluff" trouble there is is having both khorne and Slaanesh. I personally could never figure why those 2 Gods hated each other that much, but I'll let you judge as well. At least I respected the Sacred Numbers Very Happy
Also, I may still play around with terminators equipment.
I decided to forgo the bikes, despite their speed, as they are really expensive, and giving them special weapons actually forces them to lose an attack, unlike the raptors.

Comments and criticisms welcome.

By the way, I try to make my lists competitive within boundaries, while still concentrating on models I love best and cool themes.

Mark of khorne, Jump pack, Pair of claws

10 marines
2 meltas
champion, fist, combi-melta
Icon of Chaos Glory
Rhino, extra armour

8 Zerkers
champion, Fist
personal icon
Rhino, extra armor

6 terminators
1 reaper
1 chainfist, 1 powerfist
Mark of Slaanesh

6 Terminators
2 pair of claws
4 combi-plasmas
Icon of Slaanesh

8 Terminators
2 meltas
2 flamers
1 heavy flamer
2 pairs of claws or single claws
1 chainfist
2 powerfists
Icon of khorne

Fast Attack:
5 raptors
2 flamers
Chaos Glory

5 Raptors
2 Meltas
Chaos glory