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    Ok, here is my question...as now that I find myself reading through my Chaos COdex...I am ulitmatly enticed ot do just abotu any of the armies, so much variety! But I digress....is the Demolisher able to Move and fire it's cannon? Or must it stay still for a turn before firing the beast?And on top of that, would a Defiler be a better buy? Or is the vindicator with Mutated hull, Living Weapon, Havoc Launchers and such still better? Next question...I am forgoing two fast attack choices for another Heavy support ina very armour themed army...

    What sounds better out of the three choices here?

    Basilisk,VIolater,Defiler, Defiler?

    Basilisk, 3 Defilers?

    Basilisk, Two Defilers, and an upgrader predator?

    ANY ipions and advice are greatly appreciated guys, Thanks!

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    Err, what's with all the ordnance..? Predators are a lot better than you apparently seem to think... anyway, a quick rundown:

    A Defiler is worthless, it has fewer armour and higher cost than the other 2 pie plate hurlers. Indirect fire would normally be good, but since the Defiler is so big it won't do you much good.

    The basilisk is dirt cheap, doesn't need upgrades, and is very powerful. The only reason I don't take it more often is because I don't like using much ordnance (yes, I know I'm the only person in the world). It needs indirect fire though, if it can't be hidden it's gone in the enemy's first shooting phase.

    The Vindicator is my favourite out of these three. Give it Mutated Hull and you have a very scary AV14 thingy. Anything under the template is a goner, but even if you don't shoot it'll mess up your opponent's battle plans a lot: it draws a lot (pretty much all) of firepower, and people will always keep their units as far away from it as possible. This alone makes it worthwhile, if it gets to shoot that's an added bonus.
    Don't give it too many upgrades though, what you said in your post is ridiculous. Stick with mutated hull, and if you think you really need it, Daemonic Possession. Any more, and its advantages go down the drain as it eats away too many points.

    Btw, what the hell is a Violator?
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