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Thread: Project Fallen!

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    Project Fallen!

    Hello, new to the forums, referred to here from a buddy, and am contemplating making the Fallen or the Fallen Angels as I'm very akin to their fluff, the models I am using are the Veteran Dark Angel Space Marines.(here)And using a lot of Green stuff/modeling heavily to make their armor heavily tattered, as they are the models from the time of Cabal, I know this is going to be really hard lol, but I want this army to be an award winner.

    Here's where you come in, I need help building a list for them, I'm new to 40k but old from fantasy so I don't know much at all about them all though I've read a lot of fluff on the Dark Angels, and The Fallen I was thinking since there are so few fallen left, having only Chosen squads in my army being the Fallen models, i.e. Robe w/ Dark Angel Green Power Armor, as well as it being beat to hell, lol But I really need help with a list, and what I was thinking would be having Chosen (or the fallen) Infiltrating in and turn 2 pumping out a lot of daemons and having Oblitz for AT ability while the chosen have Plasma out the ass, like Dark Angels do, what do you think of this set up?

    comments/fluff links are much appreciated ! As well as anything that can help me with my army, thanks a lot.
    Also what do you think of my idea ;P I haven't seen it done before so I think it's gonna look good.

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    946 (x8), your fluff sounds feasible, and in fact, I've considered doing something similar with fallen chosen.

    We have a fluff forum as well that should be of use to you:

    As for your army, the best thing you could do is to write up your list and post it in the chaos army list section. You can find the link to the army list section at the top of the chaos forum.

    Oh, and welcome to Librarium Online! If you have any question, feel free to shoot me or any of the Moderator team a message. This forum has plenty of vets in all the areas to help you with whatever you need 8Y.
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