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    Pre-Heresy Style Night Lords

    Hi guys, I am looking to get back into playing Warhammer 40,000 and need some army building advice. I recently done a commission paint job for a 1,000 Genestealer army so I know about converting, sculpting and painting but I was wondering....

    I am really attracted to the fluff for pre-heresy Night Lords. I was wondering if I could do a pre-heresy style (I say style as I haven’t got the time to go all out and sculpt the pre-heresy armour exactly, i.e mkIV ) Night Lords Army. For the colour scheme I’m thinking sort of a dull dark blue matt coloured main armour (so not all the bright lightening bolts) and a simple very dull gold trim (if any trip at all, keeping in mind its pre-heresy).

    My army list idea is more or less completely 1,000 pts of core troops of chaos space marine tactical squads (no daemons or terminators), so my army heavily relies around this specific conversion idea.

    Now for this army I can go either two ways with converting these models...

    1.) Buy new chaos space marine 10 man tactical squads and indulge in the long process of shaving all the chaos symbols off (i.e. spikes off the legs, shoulder pad trim, horns off the helmets etc...) which will leave me with an older space marine armour looking style.


    2.) Use the technique Doghouse has used (viewable at bolter and chainsword Pre-Heresy/Heresy Era Night Lords - The Bolter and Chainsword : A 40k Space Marine Resource ) on his pre-heresy Night Lords and use space marine torso’s with Warhammer fantasy chaos warrior legs. This would look very pre-heresy but I’m not keen on how much an army would cost to build.

    Many thanks guys


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    Dog house has produced some nice pre heresy night lords and his true scale marines are also popular around the forums.

    My suggestion would be to either buy some Forge world Red Scorpion upgrade packs and use the torso from them. Or use basic marines and gothic them up slightly by using some green stuff and guitar wire for cabelling.

    Dark blue and maybe the odd lightening bolt would look nice. Remeber Night lords were renown for the savage combat doctirne and terror tactics before the heresy.


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