The recent rumors of a supposed 5th edition of 40K and my general unhappiness with 3rd and 4th edition turned me into a 2nd edition player again.

However there are a few things I would love to have in 40K 2nd Ed. that were just not there back in the early nineties (Obliterators, Raptors and the Defiler just to name a few, as well as god-specific spawns).

Has anyone done somehow balanced stat-lines / point-pricings for those, to field them in 2nd Edition battles? I know there are some experimental rules for various types of the 3rd edition Landspeeders, but I couldn't find anything (so far) on above mentioned units/models.

It would just be great to revive 40K 2nd with some new models that weren't there at the time, but I am not sure I could just write something like that up on my own, due to balancing issues and turning it all into a mess. Any links or info would be great.