Just thought i'd list my thoughts on the Khorne daemons available-

Bloodthirster - Well to im really split on him. WS10 helps alot towards his defense in CC, however i feel that he really does not have enough attacks. If not raising his attacks, he should really have the Axe of Khorne to give him the chance. In the bloodthirsters description page it basically says that he is unmatched in close combat, but i find that in CC against the other GD's, the only one that it has any definitive chance of defeating is the Lord of Change. Again, as with the previous Daemons list, i feel the Bloodthirster is overpriced. Kharn the Betrayer > Bloodthirster

Khorne Herald - Would suggest putting one of these guys on a Juggernaut. Ok it provides 1 less wound than a Chariot and is considerably more expensive to upgrade, but the key part is that the model keeps its Independent Character status, allowing it to hide in other units where as the chariot makes it a sitting duck. Not a bad buy. Two of these for the cost of a Bloodthirster is probably worth it.

Bloodcrushers - Apart from the fact they move as infantry, these things are in my opinion one of the best point for effectiveness models in the game(think in terms of pound for pound best in boxing if you dont understand what i mean). They cost similar to a SM terminator yet their statline is greater in almost everyway. I played with a unit of 7 of these led by Skulltaker(making the magic 8 number lol), and once they hit my opponants lines, that was it, no unit survived more than a single turn of combat. In 3 turns they wiped out 6 units while losing only two models. As with Terminators though, they do take alot of points and will be targetted quite heavily by the anti-tank weapons your opponant has. But if you can manage to get some momentum with these, they are near impossible to stop. If you do decide to take a big unit, make sure you take an Icon of Chaos because it's safe to say this unit is likely to survive long enough for all your models to get to the table before its wiped out.

Bloodletters - As with the bloodcrushers, only basic infantry movement which can make getting to CC awkward. However the furious charge and power weapons more than make up for this. I really like these and a unit of 8 is extremely cheap. Only problem as i have said is trying to get to combat.

Flesh hounds - Beasts, awesome. Furious charge, awesome. Karanak, awesome. However, these are the only marked unit of khorne that do not come with power weapons. I would suggest taking karanak because he gets rending and bestows move through cover on the unit which can make a huge difference. Also add rending to one of the flesh hounds and the unit looks alot better. However, i think the flesh hounds are best used in holding up the enemy while your bloodletters and bloodcrushers stroll forward.

Skulltaker - First of all, this model is massive for what it is, and it truely is stunning aswell. As with the regular heralds, a juggernaut is the way to go. You'll be able to hide this bad boy in a unit of Bloodcrushers of Bloodletters and pop him out to inflict some extreme pain on any enemy MC's or characters that step out of line. He is one of the best anti-character models out there. If you strike before him in combat, make sure you kill him otherwise your likely to die lol.

Overall - Im happy with bits and not happy with others but cant have everything my way lol. As you may be able to guess, my biggest problem with the list is the Bloodthirsters overpricing and rather depressing lack of attacks. As is always the case with Khorne, get everything into attack as soon as possible. In most cases i think once this army hits the enemies lines, the sheer amount of power-weapon goodness should be enough to tear through the enemy.

Key Points-

-Get into combat ASAP (obviously)
-While expensive, make sure you have chaos icons available to both parts of your army, you dont wanna watch your characters deepstriking off the table
-You will die horribly to lots of dakka armies
-Anything striking before you can be a problem
-Last of all...just KILL KILL KILL!