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Thread: Nurgle/skaven

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    I am up to this point played shooty armies. I have 3000 points of necrons and 3000 points of tau. I played nids in the previous edition and am looking for a more cc army as demons can be.

    I am curious for any ideas of incorparating some skaven in this list. I have a box of clan rats and lots and lots of skaven bits left over from a skaven army i was doing. I love skaven and love 40k and think the demons codex would be a great way of doing some nurgle skaven in space. I curious if anyone has any ideas for converting them to be more demonic or possibly if someone has done anything with skaven in 40k. I have seen a guy who did chaos marines with skaven heads awhile ago.

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    i know a few who use skaven for rattlings (imperial guard unit) as for using them as daemons the onlyh ones they would be suitable for would be nurglings

    you can buy the swarm base from gw in bags of like 50 and with careful placement you should be able to fit 3 on a base so a total of 6 nurglings from your clanrats box
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrius View Post
    the demons codex would be a great way of doing some nurgle skaven in space
    Skaven are a good choice because the infantry models are very similar.
    Thus, most Skaven players use different fur colors to denote Units.
    IE, brown Core, black Rare, grey Skirmisher, white HQ, etc.
    So, transferring this method to CD should be a natural.

    Now, a lot of 40k players may not be familiar with the Skaven range.
    A grey horde of unfamiliar models presents too great a challenge.
    So, color code your Units so everyone knows what they represent.

    I'd say, first decide which Units you'll want in the army.
    Then choose the CD models that you'd really like to get.
    Finally, use up your Skaven bits representing other Units.
    When you finally run out of bits or ideas, re-evaluate.

    It's all good as long as you tag everything with a Cult color somehow -
    Red for Khorne, Nurgle green, Tzeentch blue and Slaanesh purple.
    (Model Cav Units on Cav bases, Monsters on Monster bases, etc.)

    Just keep it real, and you shouldn't have any worries.



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