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    Theory - focused sacrifice?

    I have a question, and a theory that may or may not be a decent idea.

    Baiscally the theory is to make a list that's good vs the highest average meta-game (most likely played troops) which where I'm at is MEQ's of some flavor and/or variety. Just make a list that focuses on killing that type of list (mucho plasma) and just kinda take the hit when it comes to Orks and their kin.

    Now I'm not saying do this in a tournament, because... you need to win everything there. But if there was another world story tournament, would this be a viable strategy to just come out on top? Because I figure in that there'd be even more MEQ's than freaking anything.

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    MEQs are the most common opponent anywhere, with very few exceptions. Half of all armies are Space Marines alone, so people already design their lists with MEQ enemies in mind. Only a fluff player wouldn't. However....

    just kinda take the hit when it comes to Orks and their kin
    Given how popular Orks and Eldar seem to be these days, I think a more general list is the way of the future. Good thing, too, it gets old seeing everybody load up on plasma.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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