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Thread: Thousand Sons

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    Thousand Sons

    Okay, we're back to the slow and shootyful thousand sons. I want to find detailed examples from EXPERIENCE of the good ol'bodyless boys.

    So far... with me. I pack them in a rhino at 7-10 strong and shoop them forward and unload really hardcore into stuff. I typically team it with Gift of Chaos as the psycher power for the sorc. I'm almost always running lash so I use that to totally ruin my opponent for CC and for the shots.

    So far... about 3/4ths of the time they're great. Wouldn't replace them for the world. And then I get the game where they're just... slow marines. They roll average saves but they just die with out doing much to the game.

    So far, compared to my nurgle squad... The nurgles have done well for me a lot lately, not super game breakers like the T. sons, but they've never done poorly. And it's about the same points cost for an upgraded nurgle squad as it is for a t. sons squad of the same model count.

    And I know it all depends on what else you have in the army and what fills which roles, but in just an overall sense with your own personal play strategy and lists, who have you thrown at the enemy and had decent results? I hear the 10 men in a rhino is effective, but it's just so boring I never take them.

    Nurgle, the freshmaker.

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    Well i would be able to give you advice..but ive mostly worked with the older thousand suns in the last codex, And the new ones kinda suprised me / dissapointed me believe it or not, but i worked with them enough to know how to make Thousand sons bikers in the last codex :C

    But from what i can tell the new option of just throwin em in a rhino seems effective, the only downside is your not really gettin much use from the slow and shooty rule, ive always preferred them to foot slog it, takin full advantage of the ability to shoot full range while advancing (or withdrawing from a heavy CC army). Cause the way i veiw it is lets say turn one you move forward...turn two you disembark / rapid Fire, yea you get a lot of shots out turn 2, but if youd started on foot and SnP'd your way forward instead, youd of probably gotten a single shot off turn 1 and 2, equaling in the end the number of shots you got from rushing forward, cause by turn 2 either way each marine has shot twice.

    So to be honest I think its just a matter of preferance, to me id rather not take the rhino, and just buy more Fun lil psychic powers or lil upgrades in the army elsewhere with the points.
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    In my belief, Thousand suns are the only chaos faction that should get apothecaries...I mean think about it alls hed need is a vacuum and a funnel...

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