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    500 pts for Doubles

    This is a 500 point list which is going to be used with a friends drop infantry guard. It is 5th ed based, and the plan is the Guard hold objectives, while I destroy the enemy. As such, Im looking for a very very killy 500 pts list. With moderate amounts of everything, the only rule is no more than one fast attack, two heavy supports, or two elites choices. Oh, and One mandatory Troops choice.

    All suggestions welcome as to what units I should take, my personal preference is Khorne, but I have a unit of horrors and a unit of plaguebearers.



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    Hey! I think daemons can do really nicely in such small games, especially against meqs. I'd go for 10 bloodletters, 3 bloodcrushers, 3 flamers and a khornate herald on chariot. I think you might even have points to squeeze an Icon in there somewhere You can't really get more killy than that, any oponent will have a hard time killing the heral and while they're at it, the rest of the force can slaughter its way through practically anything! Please let me know how you did 'cause I'm setting up to play a similar game as soon as I pass my egzams
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