For my Apocalypse army, I wanted to add a bit of ranged firepower. Ive always loved the idea of artillery, so I thought about it a little, then I read the fluff on the Daemon Forge and my mind was set. I was going to make a bunch of Daemonic Seige guns and add them to my army. I plan on making this pleasing aesthetically as well as in game. It also allows my Chaos to get my hands on that Destroyer stuff, which is rare for us =)

All of these machinations are based on the Helcannon, Defiler and Soulgrinder fluff, Daemonic artillery, spewed out from the Daemon Forge and imbued with Daemonic Essence =)

So, my plans:

8 Smaller Artillery Pieces (about the size of most common artillery, i.e. Vibro Cannons, and they will use the Thudd Gun rules).
4 Medium Cannons (think Helcannon from WHFB, using Earthshaker Emplacement Rules).
2 Huge emplacements (Ruleswise, Pylon and an Orbital Defence Laser).

So, inspired by the Helcannon, Heres what Im planning:

For the smaller bits, I want something like a big havoc launcher, except all daemonic, and crewed by possessed guardsmen and mutants.

For the normal ones, im having something verrry similar to the Helcannon, probably converted tank weapons etc =)

The larger bits are going to be large conversions, and contain a lot of scratch builds. All I have in mind is a Giant Earthshaker type device (the Orbital Laser) and one that fires a large lasery type thing, (pylon) which will have a "Barrel" similar to the forward claws of the Tomb Spiders that crons have (the three prong and centre thing).

Any major criticisms or comments? All welcome =) Pics will be up as this grows =D