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    Useful Substitues for Chaos Daemon Models

    This is a short, linked list of GW models that I find are good subs for Chaos. Most of you have probably seen these models, but hopefully this list will be helpful for those who haven't or just as a consolidated format. Still looking for seekers and blue scribes, feel free to chime in with you own.

    Plaguebearer (I know it seems hokey, but man it works on the field, seen it first hand)
    Bloodthirster (option 2)
    Fateweaver or DPoT
    HoS (on chariot or seeker)
    HoN (on palanquin)
    HoK or DP
    HoT (on disk)

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    Nightlord frozencore's Avatar
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    While he looks cool in the picture, Belakor isn't really big enough to be a bloodthirster when you have seen him in person. All the mortal models really look like they are mortals, and not at all like daemons. You have a good idea here, try searching outside of citadel minis and search for matches there.

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    ok, maybe it's just my pc screwing things up but the links won't go to the unit, but to the gw main page instead...

    I have a cool idea for Slaanesh Seekers(former mounted daemonettes)
    I'm gonna buy meself a box of daemonettes, a box of orcs and goblin spider riders(fantasy), I'm gonna cut me daemonettes's leggs of, and put's the upper body onna spider
    daemonettes with a spider body, almost like a centaur

    And this will be my HoT, riding a screamer of tzeentch as disc. it's a chaos sorcerer from the warriors of chaos(fantasy)

    Quote Originally Posted by frozencore View Post
    While he looks cool in the picture, Belakor isn't really big enough to be a bloodthirster when you have seen him in person.
    unfortunatly, yeah. He's barely big enough to be my CSM Daemon prince, as my termy lord with wings is roughly the same size(though he stands on a rock, and belakor doesn't)
    Last edited by Renosaurus; June 25th, 2008 at 17:43.
    The best thing about chaos, is your opponent's face when he looks at your disgusting Plague marines

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