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    Time for some Chaos!

    Howdy folks.

    After re-organizing and consolidated my 95%-finished Retributors, I realised that I not only had a handful of unused Chaos minis, but a good number of loyalist minis that I wouldn't use but could use as Chaos. So, reviving my old project to make a Chaos Army, I see what I had and what I needed...

    My Loyalists
    The Retributors I run are shooty and use a fair number of vehicles; in a given game I have 3-5 vehicles fulfilling various roles. I usually run a Master or Chaplain, almnost never a librarian. This is a fun setup, and doesn't do too bad in games.

    My Chaos
    With the above in mind, I figured that this Chaos army should be a different experience: assault-oriented, with nifty tricks like demon summoning and psychic powers.

    What I Have
    So, this is what I have at my disposal, put into "list" form (all chaos marines can be considered to have bolters, bolt pistols, and close combat weapons):

    1 "Lord" - he's a converted marines I did for fun once with a power fist, power weapon, skulls and such. Figure he could be a stand-in for a Demon Weapon-wielding Lord for now.

    10 Marines, 7 standard, 2 with meltauns, a champion with powerfist and bolt pistol

    10 Marines, 7 standard, 1 with plasmagun, 1 with plasma pistol, 1 champion with plasma pistol and power weapon.

    2 units of 7 "Lesser demons"- These are WIP and are converted scouts, representing cheap mercenaries and mutants.

    5 terminators, 3 have combi-bolters and power weapons, 1 has a combi-melta and powerfist, another has a reaper autocanon and a chainfist

    1 Vindicator

    1 Predator with both an autocanon turret and a twin-lascannon turret, and heavy bolter sponsons.
    Aside from this, I have a missle launcher marine, two flamer marines, and a melta-gunner bike marine.

    Your Input
    So, I'm trying to decide where to go from here. My first instinct is to get a handful of bikes to run around with (now that they have BP/CCW), and convert some assault marines into Raptors. Should I look into a Demon Prince? This army will have the ragtag feel, but if one of the crazier marine warbands wants to invite Uncle Demon prince... would anybody say any different? If anything, a small group of badasses may be easy to justifiy occasionalyl teaming up with small warbands of cult crazies.

    Ideas, thoughts?

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    Daemon Price is a must take for chaos, i can't imagine my games without one.All is good, get some zerkers if you want that assaulting army.Best of luck making your chaos list

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    I'd second the recommendation for a Daemon Prince.

    With what you have, though, a very assaulty force will be pretty simple to get. Some Rhinos will help your CSM squads get close fast, and then if you include Icons (Chaos Glory, perhaps), you could drop the Lesser Daemons, and Termies into the thick of it for support. That's basically what my lists tend to do, and it's very enjoyable.

    You'll want the extra armor of the Rhinos on the field to distract your opponent from the pred and vindi, too. If they go for the latter, it also helps your troops get into place without any fuss.

    Your idea for bikes and Raptors might also work, but then that leaves your CSM marching (depending on your points goal, I guess), and they're not really set up for long range fire support ... and that's not what you were going for. So, consider that for what it's worth. You could also ditch the L. Daemons in favor of either the bikes or Raptors, but if you've put so much work into the conversions, maybe you wouldn't want to.

    As for your lord, he'll likely have to fit in a Rhino with one of the squads, so maybe you drop one of those to 9 (if he's not in termie armor, that is). If you go with Raptors, on the other hand, just give him a Jump pack or wings, and have him join them.

    Then just one last thing ... the squad with all that plasma ... may as well change the CSM with the pistol to a full on Plasmagun. It'll be more useful.

    Hopefully that helps, and gets ya thinking for your final list.

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