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    Chaos... on the cheap

    I've just started to get back into 40K (I left shortly after Dark Eldar were introduced... so been a LONG time...), and am looking at Chaos.

    My problem is, I'm also a cheap hoarding SoB, so I'm trying to build an army as cheaply as possible by converting as much of my old (and poorly painted) Space Marine army. Had a few questions:

    Traitor Chapters: do they have any old armor or are they pure chaos? SMarine and CMarine kneepads, shoulders, chests and Backpacks are quite different. While I'm buying Backpack and Shoulderpad spurs to blend them, is it really strict on every bit of armor? I'm not looking at league or tournament play, but if I can convert as much of these 40 Smarines into Chaos as possible within some codex thing, it really helps.

    Online: Buying junk from Ebay Like This, Anyone have tips on where to buy online?

    Tactics: I broke down and got an attack squad (5 marines), and I saw in the spur lots of Chainswords. As in, it looks like you can do Bolter, or Pistol/Sword combo. Is it worthwhile? (Chaos Close Combat > Rapid Bolters)? or should I stick to Bolters?


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    "it looks like you can do Bolter, or Pistol/Sword combo. Is it worthwhile? (Chaos Close Combat > Rapid Bolters)? or should I stick to Bolters?"

    Hehehe, join the darkside, where the bad guys get all the powertools.

    Bolter ? Check
    Bolt pistol? check
    Stabby stuff ? BIG Check
    stuff that go tick-tick-tick...BOOM!! ? Oo yeah.

    and that's just the standard package

    so, go grab that codex 'n read all about it.

    Welcome to chaos (dont get too close to the dreads though , they're a bit *socially misadjusted*)

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    Yes, join us!

    I think I should whole-heartedly join with the above poster in promoting the purchase of the codices for all of the GW armies. You will notice that not many people complain about them, most have a good deal of background material, make interesting reading and by owning them all you can know about all of your opponents.

    As for not having enough money, get a better job, persuade a parent, tell your friends its your birthday, sell a sibling, sell your shoes, sell an older army, try to paint for cash, start .com business and sell it for 5000% of its real value.

    Any one of these suggestions should give you enough money to buy all the codexes and the re-released marine company box which contains plenty of modelling goodness!

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