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    Chaos Tactica VS All Enemies

    Fellow Warmaster, Daemon Princes, Lords and Mewling spawns (looks at Pickle),

    I have often said that one of the best ways of winning is by knowing your enemy. Knowing what they're good at so you can try and neuter their advantage, and knowing what they're bad at so you can exploit their weaknesses.

    Knowing the enemy will give you a big psychological boon/protection too.

    All too often I've seen players fall apart when facing Dark Eldar Wyches. Why? Simply because they aren't aware of just what they are capable of.

    It's like facing Necrons and not knowing about WBB. It's hard not to get flustered when your opponent's forces get back up after you've killed them and you had no idea that they would.

    On the other hand, if you study WBB in detail - you can actually arrange it so 90% of your damage ignores WBB totally, which not only makes you feel good, but will demoralise your average Necron player a bit too.

    So, in the light of this, what we've done is set up a thread on a weekly (ish) fashion going through all the enemies of Chaos.

    The aim is to share knowledge and experiences so that we can help the whole Chaos community.

    So, even a relative starter to Chaos could say read the chapter on Nids and know what he or she doing and what to expect.


    Current Warmaster

    Without further ado here is the list:

    Crushing the mindless dogs of the false emperor.
    All about defeating Space Marines.

    Purging the beast.
    All about defeating Tyranids.

    Smashing the Green Tide
    All about defeating Orks.

    Decimating the cheating Fairies
    All about defeating Eldar.

    Destroying the so called silver menace
    All about defeating Necrons.

    More souls for the slaughter!
    All about defeating Imperial Guard.


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