Me and my friend were talking about cool chaos ideas for apocalypse and came up with an awesome one. We decided to name it, We don't know yet. The army would be composed of nothing but cult selections. What we decided would be cool would be one of each cult squad of their own gods numberx2, because its a big scale game. After those use one squad of the cult terminators of each god from that link in I believe the other thread CSM DW or Chaos gods poker game (both started by me) ask macewind for it I believe he posted it. After each of the cult terminator squads use each gods special character followed by a landraider painted and nominated for each god. To further this because it is apocalypse and anything goes use a squad of greater and lesser daemons from each god from the codex daemons. If equipped properly this army may actually be effective if you go for two of each troop or whatever. Even if ineffective this would be one of the coolest armies to field ever.