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    My current warband

    As of now my chaos army consists of the foloiwng

    Dp with wings

    Chaos lord in Power armour with Pfist and Combi weapon

    Chaos terminator lord with Daemon weapon and Combi weapon

    Terminator sorcerer

    5 terminators with auto cannon, 2 chainfists, and 1 pair of L claws

    10 possesed

    1 Chaos dread with Plasma cannon and DCCW with heavy flamer

    2X10 CSM squads, both have mark of tzeentch, 1 squad with 2 meltas and another with 2 plasma guns, both have champions with Pfists

    10 berserkers with skull champion with Pfist

    10 Plague marines with 2 plasma guns and champ with P fist

    6 Noise marines, 1 champ with doom siren, 1 with noise blaster, and 1 with blastmaster

    5 raptors. with 2 meltas and champ with lightining claws, and icon of slannesh

    2 squads of Havocs. 1 sqaud has 2 HB and 2 Autocannons, the other has 2LC and 2 ML They have icon of nurgle and icon of chaos glory

    1 predator

    1 defiler

    1 pred with all lascannons.

    Any suggestions where I go from here?

    (Note, the icons can be switched around)

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    Right, first you should write up a list and have it critiqued, it does not have to contain everything you own, but try and make it fair sized (2,000 points would be good to aim for).

    Now, onto what I think you should buy, I think you need rhinos for your squads (All except the noise marines), so thats 4 rhinos.
    Then i'd say your Raptor squad should be etween 8 and 10 man strong, as 5 man is too flimsy.
    Also, I am not a fan of split weapon Havoc Squads. Maybe buy 2 more of each weapon, and more bodies so that they also are 8-10 man strong?

    Thats just my opinions, I will let the other Masters of Chaos comment.
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