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    Post your Lord/Prince/Sorcerer fluff here

    Seen this in a few of the other forums so why not have one here? As in the other forums post the fluff/history of your Chaos hq. (Id say main hq just for those who have several differant characters but the more the better.)

    HQ:Chaos Lord
    Name: Lord Memnoch
    Legion: Black Legion
    Mark: Undivided.

    Memnoch rose to prominence during the 13th Black Crusade where both he and his legion were responsible for inflicting several heavy defeats on the Imperial forces,most notably the slaying of Imperial Guard High Commander Schaffus and his command hq at the battle of Kradan and the total destruction of his forces. Memnoch is guided by the prophecies of the Sorcerer Lord Ortanas who rarely takes to the field of battle himself. Memnoch is favoured by the Chaos gods and is on the path to gaining immortaility by obtaining daemonhood. As such his appearance has started to reflect this. His once fair features appear demonic with bestail horns jutting from his forehead. Blessed with unholy strength (even for a marine) his is indeed a mighty foe as several armies have found out to their cost. Eschewing ranged attacks he favours close combat with his adversaries where he can slaughter his enemies without mercy.

    Havent written his pre-heresy fluff yet besides the fact he was a Captain in the 3rd company.

    Hope that sounds cool. He is a old style Metal Terminator Champion with twin lightning claws and has a converted head from the mutations sprue(the one with the horns). Debuted in 3rd editon soon after the release of the previous codex.

    100th post!!!!

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    Here's the fluff I originally wrote for my legion some 4 years ago. It's led by my Daemon Prince:

    Index Astartes: Black Legion Lost Company, Re’Thuk’s Strikers
    Required Clearance: Omega Obsidian 1


    Lord Re’Thuk had command of a large battle group of Black Legion troops during Abaddon’s 7th Black Crusade. To call it a ‘company’ is somewhat misleading, as any formal command structure had long since dissolved throughout the Black Legion, the term is used merely as a descriptor of it’s size and resources. Re’Thuk was one of Abaddon’s more powerful champions and was greatly rewarded for his success in his master’s name. During this Black Crusade, Abaddon had dispatched Re’Thuk and his fleet to procure a xenos artifact that was related to the fabled Black stone fortresses. The system in which this artifact was located was plagued with anomalies in the warp, possibly due to the presence of the artifact itself and because of this Abaddon’s sorcerers were out of contact with those in Re’Thuk’s fleet. A large portion of the journey also had to be made in normal space. By the time Re’thuk had returned to communication range, Abaddon had been beaten back to the Eye of Terror and Re’Thuk’s fleet had been cut off for the time being.

    Re’Thuk took his fleet and raided several insignificant planets, taking supplies and slaves, occasionally inciting rebellions in Abaddon’s name. There are even rumours that the fleet was seen in the area of the Armageddon system during that planet’s third war.

    Over the years, the chaos gods have had less and less influence over Re’Thuk’s horde, due to their distance from the Eye of Terror. The only gods powerful enough to maintain worshipers amongst Re’Thuk’s ranks are the major powers. The oldest and most powerful of these being Khorne, Khorne has been able to retain an almost unswaying worship by Re’Thuk’s followers. So potent was this worship that Khorne elevated Re’Thuk to the rank of daemon prince. Re’Thuk’s sorcerers are largely still devoted to Chaos Undivided, but have been known to pay homage to Tzeench in return for his favor.


    Even being cut off from their master in the Eye of Terror, Re’Thuk’s marines are still utterly loyal to Abaddon, believing that he will be the one to finally overthrow the weakling Imperium of the False Emperor.


    The organization of Re’Thuk’s armies has something of a feudal nature to it, with each battle group being lead by a great champion of his, each with their own capital ship. Re’thuk tries to take part in every battle that his company s involved, leading always from the head of the battle line. Ever present are his personal body guards, large squads of Berzerkers who have long since repainted their armor to match the blood of their enemies who are slaughtered in the name of Khorne and Abaddon alike.

    Nearly all of Re’Thuk’s champions have been gifted by Khorne so much that they have permanently dedicated themselves to Khornes name. Only the sorcerers have been widely able to withstand the influence of any one particular god and as such, Re’Thuk’s sorcerers have taken the responsibility of tacticians, advisors and the responsibility of leading the fire support for Re’Thuk and his Berzerkers into battle.

    Re’Thuk has been unable to replenish his store of vehicles form the Legion’s stores in the Eye of Terror, and therefore makes limited use of vehicles, relying on infantry and dreadnought mounted heavy weaponry. It also forces his troops to ‘foot-slog’ in most confrontations, though the battlefield experience of his Undivided troops tend to infiltrate into the battlefield before the clatter of Re’Thuk’s Berzerkers alert the enemy of their presence.

    Like the Black Legion troops still in the Eye of Terror, the troops under Re’Thuk attempt to become possessed by the creatures of the warp, but due to their distance from the Eye of Terror, the actual occurrence of such a possession is rare and minor in the cases which it does occur. As such, these units are prized by the sorcerers of Re’Thuk’s horde as their personal bodyguards.


    The tactics of Re’Thuk’s companies usually rely on a simultaneous and massive assault on multiple fronts, charging at the head of his berzerkers straight down the center of the enemies lines, attempting to quickly slaughter the enemies’ leadership as quickly as possible. The Undivided assets in is force usually infiltrate the battlefield and become entrenched in forward positions before the enemy has time to react. Dreadnoughts and bikes are used extensively to counter assault any enemy troops who attempt to engage the dug in positions of the fire support elements of the battle line.

    Sorcerers and their possessed bodyguards provide close-in fire support, usually advancing up the flanks and unleashing powerful bursts of psychic fury before tearing the remnants apart in hand to hand.

    Daemons are not used to any great extent as it is difficult for them to exist for any great period of time far from the Eye of Terror. It has been known to occur that the more powerful berzerker champions have summoned a mighty Bloodthirster to posses them in the heat of battle.


    Most of the companies marines posses the original Lunar Wolves gene-seed, and are relatively pure due to their inability to summon daemonic possession upon themselves.

    Battle cry

    The berzerkers in Re’Thuk’s company are frequently heard chanting Khorne’s name and shouting “blood for the blood god!”, but are still as loyal as the rest of the company to Abaddon are known to more regularly praise him in battle.
    "Science has made us gods even before we are worthy of being men." - Jean Rostand

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    Chaos Lord Berus Sakar - Night Lords Captain

    A former member of the Raptor unit initially lead by the Talon Master, Zso Sahaal, Berus Sakar has lead his Night Lords in campaigns of terror against the Imperium since his former masters loss after the fall of the Night Haunter at the hands of the assassin, M'Shen. When word of the Haunters death reached the ears of the Night Lords, Berus was initally heart broken - but soon took hold of this grief and forged a heart of pure vengeance and hatred.

    The initial campaigns lead by Berus were that of the Night Lords doctrine, terror as a key weapon. He personally lead wings of Raptor assault units into enemy positions, melta weaponry to the fore with his twin lightning claws, destroying key objectives. Shield generators, power generators, command structures and even assassination of command units. Butchery and death were all that followed.

    As the Legion began to fall back to te warp, Berus left a path of destruction and nightmares in his wake. Legends sprang up amongst agri-world populouses of a monster with claws of thunder, with skin that allowed this thunder to dance along it - and with a bestial visage that if you were to look upon it you would surely lose your soul. In Hive worlds, the stories were similar, but instead of a monster - a machine created by a rogue adept that wantonly destroyed anythign within reach. Whatever the storie, Berus was at the heart, drenched in the blood of those who he had and his men slaughtered, leaving one alive to tell the story.

    Once inside the Eye, Berus bided his time. He consolidated what power he had in those that followed him, and soon gained an ally in the form of the potent Sorceror - Sotar Prull, a memebr of the Night Lords Librarium, who now dabbeled with the dark arts of Chaos. With Sotar came brother who too had been betrayed by the Emperor - the Thousand Sons. Agreeing to follow Berus under the banner of the Night Lords, a pact was forged and lasts to this day.

    Berus now strikes out into the Imperium of man, leading terror campaigns across systems, starting at one planet, allowing the tales to spread, before obliterating any who will not bow to the Lord of the Night.

    Chaos Sorceror Sotar Prull - Night Lords Sorceror

    A former member of the Night Lords Librarium, Sotar was privy to psychic training in the art of terror, the manipulation of a mind so that their worst fears come to devour them. This takes form in the spell he calls the 'Abyss of Night', a spell that cloaks those under it's effect in a shroud of darkness. From this, their worst nightmares take to the fore as the sounds of battle are echoed and distorted, taking on bestial and animalistic qualities. Those that are lucky to survive are truly battle hardened, those that don't are found with las wounds to their own heads or other methods of suicide.

    Prull, before his training in the Librarium, was a former member of the chapters Bike formations. He still rides his bike to battle this day, the greater mobility allowing him to bring death in the name of the Night Haunter to all who oppose the Night Lords.

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    HQ: Chaos Lord/ Daemon Prince
    Rank: Lord Commander (One of Perturabos immediate 'inferiors' and advisors pre heresy). Titled 'The Paladin' Pre heresy and pre accesion, now known as the Eternal Paladin of Iron.
    Name: Asavar Krom
    Legion: Iron Warriors
    Mark: Undivided.

    Before the Heresy, Krom was a captain under the tutalage of Great Oberstaff, Lord Commander of the Iron Warriors, Krom had proved himself as the prime candidate to succeed Oberstaff, with great cunning, skill and an immense martial prowess. Being born of Olympian stock, Perturabo favoured him amongst his senior captains and trusted him with information were perhaps other could not. Lord Commander Oberstaff was terran born, like many of the veteran commanders.

    When Perturabo announced the heresy to his legion he passed word to Krom first, who at the time was with Lord Commander Oberstaff out in another task force, to help gauge his reactions to the change. Krom spoke with his fellow Olympian captains to devise a course of action when presenting Oberstaff with the news. Krom decided that if Oberstaff did not agree with their Primarchs new allegence, then he must be removed along with his supporters, leaving Krom as the task forces commander, in charge of nearly 10,000 Iron Warriors and there supporting Imperial Army units. As Expected Oberstaff was appauld that Perturabo had thrown away all that the Legions had built, and for doing so, Krom and his four fellow captains killed the five loyalist followers of Oberstaff and Krom himself cut off his head in a duel, but lost his hand in the combat.

    After the Heresy, Krom continued to strengthen his ties with cults of Dark Mechanicus, eventually having them swear allegance to him and have them build him war machines and the forges on his planet within the Eye.

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    the more the better
    Careful what you ask for, I have about two books' worth of fluff for my Chaos!

    Captain Grant Mesolido Rimes, Night Lords Legion aka Lord Grimstone
    Counts as Daemon Prince with Doombolt

    Prior to the Heresy, Rimes made a careful study of Warpcraft after enountering Chaos in several rebellions and other acts of resistance during the Great Crusade. He became convinced that the true battle was not a physical one and began to develop various methods with which to prevent and combat the effects of Chaos and its denizens. His theories and work were popular within the Legion, at first for inspiration and then more seriously as other Night Lords encountered similar phenomena, but he made little effort to warn outsiders. (This was due in part to his strongly-held belief that only the Night Lords had the paradigm to properly confront such threats.)

    When the Heresy came, Rimes' work became critical. Forced into the impossible position of joining forces with what he'd been fighting for decades, Rimes disseminated his work as thoroughly as possible to prepare the Legion for the threats they were coming to face. His papers on the psychology of daemons, resistance to mutation, ward creation and the effects of prolonged Warp exposure came to be a survival manual for the Night Lords Legion.

    Rimes continued his work in the Eye of Terror, blaming the failure of the Great Crusade on Chaos more than the Emperor. At one point he contracted the Obliterator virus and recorded the effects of it on his body for three months until managing a cure. The ordeal left him with giantism but, in a triumphant validation of his work, he was able to purge all traces of Chaos post-sickness.

    Many of Rimes' theories on Daemons and the Warp are still held and practiced by the Ordo Malleus of the Inquisition.
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    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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