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    I know there is a thread growing up on this but I figured I'd get a more straight up answer this way.

    I'm beginning to play an EC army. As an old IG player, this is quite a change, what with all the good saves and good close combat ability. The thing is, I'm having trouble dealing with good CC armies. I know this sounds weird since EC have the warp scream ability and are chaos, but the way I set up my army makes it more shooty than melee.
    This is what I have

    1 DP
    1 Lord armed with plasma pistol et power weapon
    1 Keeper of Secret
    10 Daemonettes
    12 Marines with Sonic Blasters
    4 marines with Blastmasters
    4 marines with Plasma Gun
    4 Aspiring Champion with plasma pistol and ccw (which I generally use as PW)
    8 Marines with ccw and bolt pistol
    3 Bikes (1 is an aspiring champion)
    5 Terminators
    1 Rhino
    1 Predator
    1 Dreadnough (plasma cannon and ccw)
    1 Defiler

    What I generally do is 4 squads of 6 men, 1 AC, 1 plasma, 1 BM and 3 Sonic Blaster and 10 daemonettes as troop choice, the DP as general and the Keeper as a second HQ choice. Depending on who I'm playing against, I decide which heavy support I need, if it's a swarm army I take the Pred, otherwise I take the defiler. I take the Dread most of the time.

    Now this works alright against armies with low saves, such as the DE and the nids. However, if I take on another chaos army, which is always set up to be excellent in melee, I get beat all the time. He mostly uses melee troops in rhinos with a DP or Chaos lord with retinue, the Blood Thirster and a squad of 10 Bloodletters.

    On a regular wipe out mission, how can I take advantage of what I have to take him down before he gets into melee and obliterates me?

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    If your trying to shoot the enemy up, you spend too much points on other stuff.

    If your trying to match him in CC, you're taking too many guns.

    I'd lose the aspiring champions, turn the CCW/BP marines into possessed and give them daemonic talons, lose the terminators, and if your going against another space marine / csm army your either going to need all CC or lots more guns.

    I've done the all close combat EC list before. It works. Take 6-man units with aspiring champions with power weapons in rhinos. Take a possessed squad with daemonic talons in a rhino. Take about 4 squads of daemonettes (you'll have to split your force organization chart). Take a daemon prince with wings and a lord. Have the lord join one of the squads for transport. To handle armor, take the predator and dreadnought (lascannons).
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Closed Thread

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