Hello to all concerned,

Basically, was speaking to my friend today who decided he wanted to bring his Grey Knights out of retirement and fancied a game against my Chaos Army. It was at that point I thought about proxying a game using the Chaos Daemon codex I'd had sat on a shelf since it's release... Long story short, I spent most of my shift at work coming up with ideas on converting an all-plastic Daemon army.

One of the main things I wanted to do is make sure it's all, if not - massive majority - plastic.

The other thing then, was that I'd decided I wanted to use an all Khorne army, since that's just my preferred Chaos god... but didn't then wanted to be limited to just using the quarter of the Daemon codex for Khorne. This was all based off trying to get my friend to make Nurgle modified versions of Chaos Marine stuff like Berzerkers and Thousand Sons.

So basically, I want an all Khorne army, but using rules for non-Khorne Daemons, with the exception of Greater Daemons and possibly Heralds.

My ideas are as follows:
Heralds: Making Heralds isn't too bad... a Bloodletter with a few trinkets here and there, a cloak, a banner or a loincloth. That'll be enough I think.
Chariots: Either use a Corpse Cart or Orc Chariot and get them to ride in it if I chose to run a Chariot Herald.

Bloodletters: Standard. Maybe bulk them up a bit with armour of some form.

Plaguebearers: Khorne Flayers. Basically, Bloodletters with beefy shoulder pads and double handed weapons, however, fluffwise the slow and purposeful comes from the increased bulk and armour then the 2 Handed Glaives, Scythes and Pitchforks that will confer the poisoned weapon rule. Also the armour gives the impression of T5 and FNP.

Daemonettes: Khorne Fleshtearers. Bloodletters with Genestealer rending claw hands, maybe model them climbing onto rocks or scenery to represent the fleet rule.

Horrors: Khorne Deathstrikes. Bloodletters without Hellblades and flaming skulls in hands that they can throw, similar to the Daemonic gift (can't remember the upgrade right now).

Bloodcrushers: WHFB Ogre Ironguts, brass armour, large blades and bulky. Fits the bill!

Flamers: Khorne Bloodfuries. Going back to the the Horrors issue, the Daemonic Gift given to Khorne Daemons, Deathstrike, says it can be a flaming skull or a Whip. So convert a unit of winged Bloodletters that carry whips to attack with.

Beasts of Nurgle: Khorne Bloodhulks. Using the Chaos Spawn kit, I've made a few up with a minotaur style heads and bladed arms that I use as a "Fallen Bloodthirster" in my Chaos Marine army, so I was thinking of a few of these.

Fiends: Stuck on this... was thinking of some Centaur type things, but I wanted to use them as Seekers. Suggestions?

Fleshhounds: Fantasy Direwolves or Chaos Warhounds... which would look better? I'm leaning more towards the Direwolves on the basis of all the exposed flesh...

Screamers: Stuck for ideas on this one. A bloodletter riding a winged beast of some form, or like a disc of Tzeentch...

Seekers: Khorne Gorespeeds. Bloodletter Centaurs! Those would look too cool to pass up.

Soul Grinders: Standard kit. It's too good to say no to!

Daemon Princes: I reckon I'll wait for the new Plastic Daemon Prince and use a few of them.

So... the main things are...

Am I going daft or is this idea viable? As long as it's clarified before hand clearly what each unit is and has.

I think it'd be cool to do and a unifying theme across the army, afterall, someone said on another post on here "Daemons do not have true forms, they're just what mortals see at the time".

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what I can use for Fiends of Slaanesh and Screamers of Tzeentch? I'm stumped at the minute for an idea that I've not already used!

Thanks to all in advance and apologies for the possibly lengthy post, my mind's been running amok while being bored in work and it needed to vent!