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Thread: 1k point army

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    1k point army

    Hey everyone im new to warhammer 40k, and i'm trying to come up with my first army. So far i have picked the chaos Marinies. I alreay have the codex and i need some help picking what units for my army. Im not really trying to go for any one theme. I just want a good solid army to build off of. I need it to be 1000 points or around that i suppose. From some of the help i got so far iv been told i need one HQ, a heavy unit like a defiler and like 2 squads of troops. So if anyone has any good ideas for a good solid 1000 point army that i would later be able to expand off of when i need more points for bigger games it would help me out alot.

    plz and ty

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    Right, solid troops choices tend to run like this for chaos:

    10 Chaos Marines,
    2 Melta/Plasma Guns,
    1 Icon of Chaos Glory,
    1 Aspiring Champion with Powerfist,
    This tend to run at 255/265 points, depending on whether you take Melta Guns or Plasma Guns. With 2 boxes of Chaos Marines and 2 Rhinos, you could make these two squads.

    As for a HQ, you have three choices really.
    Winged Daemon Prince, the most common thing that encompasseds chaos, as for models for this fellow look at something like Belakor from the fantasy range, or wait for the new plastic one to release early next year (February, I believe?). These usually run between 130 and 200 points.
    Winged Lord/Sorceror, often used in combination with a squad of raptors, these guys are great at hiding in a squad and giving it an extra punch in close combat, as for models look around the GW stores at both marine and chaos marine blisters, or look at the bok of assault marines/raptors and make your own with those and spare bits. Generally comes in at 150 points.
    Walking Lord/Sorceror, often mounted with a squad in a rhino (Uusually a squad of cult marines), these guys are often used just to fill out the compulsary HQ choices, they do essentially the same job as the above, though could be used in a shooting squad with a psychic power. Usually comes inn are around 130 points, ish.

    So far, this comes to about 670 points, leaving you around 300 for extra.
    I would reocmmend for this a pair of predators, with twin lascannon sponsons and an autocannon turret each. OR a pair of defilers if you prefer them. Whatever you take as heavy support I recommend two of it.
    Or you could afford a cult troops squad, such as a squad of khorne berzerkers in rhino, a squad of Plague Marines, or whatever.
    Or perhaps a squad of raptors, with your winged lord/sorceror, if thats the HQ choice you want to go with.
    Obliterators are good if you have 75 points left over from whatever your above choice was.

    All this will run between £100 and £150, which may seem a tad expensive, but of course I recommend working your way up to it, buy a box of chaos marines first, then perhaps a rhino, then those two again, then the rest.

    So, yes, theres my (Rushed) begginers tactica for you. Once I get back from work I may look at expanding on it, and making it more in depth. Who knows, I might end up writing a full one up.
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    1 squad of 10 normal CSM with plasmas (better all around than meltas) to run and gun, champ with power fist.
    1 squad of 7 plagues, 2 plasmas, champ with power fist, almost impossible to tear off objectives.

    That's the most common used in the smaller games.
    Leaves some room for a Defiler (almost a must now, have the best, IMO overall ranged weapon), and a DP with wings. For the DP, its good to have MoS and a Whip.

    then maybe a predator with lascannon sponsons and an autocannon turret.

    If you don't want to put together a DP (they're a pain in the ass to model wings on right now). You can use a Sorc with a disk, it can be just as effective.
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